The public is thirsty for a novelty drink or two, like YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul’s Prime drink – even if it is just fancy-flavoured water. So, it’s understandable that other brands would get in on the consumer chaos. And what better way than to combine a tasty beverage with a longstanding video game franchise. This is exactly what Capcom has done, teaming up with GameFlavor to introduce the Resident Evil First Aid Drink Collectors Box.  

With a design based on the iconic storage box from the games, this limited-edition collectable is all about mirroring other items from the franchise. Inside the box, there are ten 330ml first aid spray cans, four ink ribbon cans filled with spice mixes, a spray cap, matching cocktail recipes and a certificate of authenticity including manual numbering. 

Resident Evil First Aid Drink ribbon

I need healing…

The main draw here is the cans, replicating the infamous first aid sprays players needed to use to stay alive. Resident Evil’s herbs and spices have inspired the drink. GameFlavor describes the drink as: “a delicious and refreshing green team-based drink enhanced with hints of cucumber and lime-mint and flavoured with many unique ingredients.” 

Each of the four ribbon cans contains a different “herb” which can be used to make cocktail drinks. Use the recipes provided or make your own creations. What these flavours actually remain a mystery.  

What will this funky collectors box set you back? Limited to 4750 units, the Resident Evil First Aid Drink Collectors Box retails for €199.90. With deliveries scheduled for Q3 2023, pre-orders are open now. Oh, and that price is just for the items mentioned, there isn’t a videogame secretly hidden away. You’ll have to buy Resident Evil Village separately.  

This isn’t the first videogame-inspired drink from GameFlavor. Back in 2020, the company released several Animal Crossing beverages.

Is that the sort of collectors box you can’t do without? Let us know below.  

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