The upcoming rebirth of arcade classic Operation Wolf has garnered much attention. The game promises to remain faithful to the original whilst bringing it into the modern era with updated visuals, and even a VR version of Operation Wolf. However, one question that’s been asked repeatedly has now been answered. Yes, Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission will include two-player co-op gameplay.

Operation Wolf is a light gun shooter arcade game developed by Taito. It was originally released in 1987 and subsequently ported to many home systems. The game was critically and commercially successful, becoming one of the highest-grossing arcade games of 1988.

The game popularised military-themed first-person light gun rail shooters and inspired numerous clones, imitators, and others in the genre over the next decade. It spawned four sequels: Operation Thunderbolt (1988), Operation Wolf 3 (1994), Operation Tiger (1998), and now, Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission (2023).

Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission screenshot

Virtuallyz Gaming Takes Aim on a Classic

According to developer Virtuallyz Gaming, this new edition remains faithful to the original game whilst offering a brand new art style.

In the game campaign, you will play as special agents tasked to fight a criminal organisation. Led by the mysterious General Viper, this evil empire seems to have developed a weapon of mass destruction. Following the discovery of several of the group bases, the agents are sent on location to dismantle the consortium, eliminate the weapons and free the hostages from various prisoner camps.

The game has already been confirmed for release on 22nd June, 2023. However, now we also have received confirmation that the game will feature local two-player co-operative gameplay.

The game is coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC digitally. PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch will also receive a physical edition.

Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission screenshot

Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission VR

The confirmation of a co-op mode for Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission is undoubtedly a blessing. However, a question still hangs over the VR edition of the game. Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission will only offer local multiplayer. So how will this fair on systems such as the PSVR 2, which only support one headset?

We’ll find out next month. Let us know your thoughts on the Operation Wolf rebirth in the comments below!

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