It’s incredible to think that Games Workshop has been producing Warhammer for 40 years. Entertaining generations of tabletop gaming fans the world over. Today, in commemoration of Warhammer’s 40th Anniversary, in collaboration with Royal Mail, a series of collectible stamps will be released soon.

On 8th June 2023, Games Workshop and the Royal Mail will release 10 commemorative stamps from across the Warhammer universe. Six stamps will feature miniatures from Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar, and Warhammer The Old World. The other four will have classic artwork from the history of Warhammer.

Warhammer 40th anniversary stamps

Warhammer 40th Anniversary Stamps

“We’re delighted to be partnering with Royal Mail to mark the 40th anniversary,” said Helen Smallridge, global head of marketing at Games Workshop. “From humble beginnings, Warhammer has grown into a British institution and a global success. With our fantasy miniatures collected by millions around the world.”

Based in Nottingham, UK, Games Workshop began in 1983 and when onto dominate the world of tabletop miniatures. Pre-orders are now available on Royal Mail’s website ahead of the official next week. The collection is made up of 27 items, from a full sheet (36) of Warhammer £2.20 stamps for £79.20 through to the Warhammer Presentation Pack for £18.10. This pack features all 10 commemorative stamps as well as a detailed history and artwork of Warhammers’ history.

Or for those after something a bit more limited edition, there’s the Warhammer Stamp Ingot: Stormcast Eternals for £24.99. A Metallica replica of the Stormcast Eternals stamp the ingot is reproduced in full colour and limited to 5000. Each of these is individually numbered.

Whether you’re interested in stamps or simply love all things Warhammer, these will likely sell fast. It shows the popularity of the hobby when it gets commemorated in a stamp!

Will you be pre-ordering any of Warhammer’s 40th Anniversary collections? Let us know in the comments below.