By now, you’ll surely have heard of the launch of Death Stranding on iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. However, playing such an intense game experience on a touchscreen can prove challenging. Thankfully, Backbone has the solution: a special edition Death Stranding controller for iPhone 15.

Death Stranding follows the story of Sam “Porter” Bridges, portrayed by Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead). Bridges makes the dangerous trek across the desolate remains of America. You’ll guide him on a cross-country journey as he grapples with the current state of humanity, and uncover the mysteries of the Death Stranding; an inexplicable phenomenon plaguing the world. 

The iPhone 15 Pro edition of the game is the ‘director’s cut’, previously available on PlayStation 5. This edition includes a number of new features and content, such as brand-new delivery assists, additional stealth missions, an expanded storyline, and more. You can customise Sam’s gear with fresh cosmetic items, and unlock a wealth of new combat abilities.

Death Stranding Backbone Controller

Death Stranding Backbone Controller

The controller is a specially themed Backbone One. The device features a USB-C 2nd gen adapter with magnetic adapters. This means that, in effect, the device is actually compatible with many Android smartphones, too. However, it’s only iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max users that will benefit from the full package: the controller includes a free download of Death Stranding Director’s Cut for iOS.

Discussing the launch of the Death Stranding Backbone controller, Hideo Kojima himself stated: “Now that everyone has a smartphone, we live in an age where game that used to be exclusive to consoles and PCs can be enjoyed anywhere, even outside their homes. This controller we created together with Backbone should make your gameplay experience on iPhone even better and more seamless. Our Backbone One is designed in the image of BBPOD, an essential item that appears in our game. We hope this device will help you to enjoy playing Death Stranding Director’s Cut.”

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