Hero Quest was a hugely popular board game back in the early ’90s. Now, thanks to Avalon Hill, Hero Quest is making a comeback! But eager players will get through all of the included quests reasonably quickly. So what’re the best user-made Hero Quest expansions?

There are of course official Hero Quest expansions. Kellar’s Keep and Return of the Witch Lord both received an international release back in the early ’90s. However there’s been no confirmation that they will be remade along with the original board game, and so we turn to the users.

Best User-Made Hero Quest Expansions

There are a wealth of user-made Hero Quest expansions out there. Innumerate websites are dedicated to the practice of creating such content. Chit Hot has gone through the painstaking process of identifying some of the best that the internet has to offer, and these are all featured below for your enjoyment!

Pest Control

A seemingly straight-forward quest to kill all the monsters in the dungeon, ‘Pest Control’ hides a number of interesting secrets that only the smartest adventurers will find.

Download here!

Hero Quest - The Arena

The Arena

This Quest simulates a mentor’s training of the Heroes. It is written so as to introduce new players to the game. According to the author, if you are playing within a timeline, this quest should come just before The Maze, the first quest in the pack-in Quest Book.

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Quest for Quinzen

You have been drawn into a cavern after hearing rumours of a Chaos Mage working inside. The additional rumour of a huge fortune to be found at the cavern’s centre may have had greater influence in your decision to venture here!

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Termors Quest

This one is a very challenging quest deigned for a group of heroes. Four is recommended, in fact. Based on tne movie Tremors, the Dungeon Master should read the additional rules to the players before playing. Also, remove the Walk Through Walls and Genie spell from the game.

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Tears of Times Passed

This quest was written with a specific goal in mind. There is a continuity gap between the American and European versions of Hero Quest. When the European (original) version of Hero Quest was released, the principal villain of the piece was Mentor’s ex-apprentice, Morcar. However, when the North American version was released, the name of the principal antagonist was inexplicably renamed Zargon. Although you can easily ignore the name of the bad guys, this quest was written to facilitate the transfer between the villains.

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The Triquetra

A compilation of three unique quests with adventures ranging from the retrieval of a Stolen Chalice, to the return of the vicious gargoyle Verag.

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Mad Bunny

A special Easter quest! The Easter Bunny has suddenly gone Mad. It has been affected by a serious disease, and must be defeated immediately! Fortunately, it seems to have left an Easter egg trail behind it to it’s sanctuary. To get to it, you will have to collect four chocolate Easter bunny totems to unlock the final door to get to the Easter bunny.

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And that’s our picks for the seven best user-made Hero Quest expansions! Do you have a favourite we missed? Let us know in the comments below!