You may not believe it, but Pro Gymnast Simulator has more in common with Trials HD than the many simulators that aim for accurate depiction. It’s about short and sharp, to-the-pixel accuracy. It’s about defining your own angles for take-off and landing, regardless of what the level presents to you. A set of tools and a challenge; and as you’ll see in this Pro Gymnast Simulator review, it’s certainly not easy.

As one might expect, Pro Gymnast Simulator begins by introducing the basics. Your custom gymnast is a ragdoll model waiting to be thrown about. You’ll unwittingly slam them into boards, bend them over backwards and faceplant them more than a few times. And that’s all just in the first couple of levels.

Pro Gymnast Simulator screenshot

It seems simple enough; your mission is to travel from your starting point to the designated end point. This can be done by swinging, flipping and generally manoeuvring like a gymnast. However, doing so is not as easy and simply pushing a stick and pressing a button. The left stick controls your arms, and the right your legs. You must coordinate your movement relative your your gymnast (not the screen) for maximum efficiency.

You must use precision timing in all aspects of your efforts. From releasing your starting position, to the angle of your flight, to the amount of tricks you attempt mid-air. Pro Gymnast Simulator will challenge you to ensure all of these are perfect to achieve the maximum score.

Pro Gymnast Simulator screenshot

The scores in the game are offered in four categories, giving you an overall score for each level. Time taken, points scored (via tricks) and finding the hidden chalk are applicable to all but tutorial levels. In our time preparing this Pro Gymnast Simulator review, we found that many levels made one or two of these challenges easy enough, but the last was almost always a challenge. This meant repeating the short levels many times in order to successfully find the angle at which to propel yourself, or the amount of speed that needs to be built into a swing before releasing the bar.

Pro Gymnast Simulator is a fun game, most certainly. And that’s despite being a much greater challenge than anticipated. After a short while with the game things begins to click into place, and the ways in which to use momentum become clearer. But that’s also when the game brings out the real difficulty! Pro Gymnast Simulator is an unexpectedly fun and welcome addition to your casual summer weekend line-up.

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