Side-scrolling action and classic adventure storytelling come together in a horror-themed tale, Seduction: A Monk’s Fate. Scheduled to launch this summer, the game is currently in development for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch.

Seduction: A Monk’s Fate is about a monk who must enter a dark and surreal realm to uncover the truth of his monastery. What mysteries lie hidden, and can those he respects truly be trusted? Take control of this young man as he explores and converses. Question everything you know, as the monk defies the advice of his elders.

Seduction: A Monk's Fate screenshot

Seduction: A Monk’s Fate Gameplay

Seduction: A Monk’s Fate is a 2D horror adventure game that relies on solving puzzles and escaping dangers. You must obtain items that are crucial for puzzles. Some of which are well hidden. Escape from great danger and seek to avoid seduction.

Temptation lies around every turn. You will need to learn to refuse and never give into seduction. Only then can you hope to save a young woman’s soul from being sacrificed for a great summoning. A forbidden ritual that bloodies the history of the place you know as home.

Before Seduction: A Monk’s Fate console version began development the game launched on PC last year, and apparently did not perform well in China. KOEX Studio’s Choo Bin Yong posted on his blog about the release:

“The game didn’t perform well also due to expectations and comparison. There seems to be a thing that they compare the same genre games under the same publisher even though different developers are making it. It is as if they want the same type of game and won’t accept games that might be going a different direction – copying successful games might work well but it isn’t my style to follow.”

KOEX Studio, Blog Post
Seduction: A Monk's Fate screenshot

Hopefully, the Seduction: A Monk’s Fate console launch will perform better this summer. Are you excited for the game? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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