Following the popularity of our feature on the 7 Best User-Made Hero Quest Expansions, we received a lot of requests to detail how these were made. So many, in fact, that we decided to instead provide you with a guide on how to make your own!

Before beginning, it should be noted that the best practice is to keep things simple. While you may wish to immediately dive in and create new characters, rules sets and tiles, you’ll find that these may not make sense in practice. Start small, test your creations, and build from there. But above all, have fun doing it!

Creating Hero Quest Expansions

When you being thinking about how to create your own Hero Quest expansions, think about how both the hero player and the sorcerer (monster player) will take part. Keep the quest fair, fun and imaginative and then everybody will enjoy what you have created. You want to avoid sore losers on games night as much as possible!

In order to create a story for your homemade Hero Quest you need to create a backdrop, a narrative that pulls you into an adventure. You could create a quest that is part of a larger story, a quest that is small and stand alone or something in-between or from an altogether different realm!


  • A fearsome Gargoyle drank an elixir that makes them more resistant to fire.
  • One of your team has been captured!
  • A rare hidden treasure is needed to slay a overlord.

Create a Map for Your Quest

In the original Hero Quest books there was a map that showed you how to layout the board for the quests. Using the template below, you can your own map that corresponds to the story that you have written. Use some logic and sense in what you have created. If your story is about a Chaos Warrior, then have a Chaos Warrior in the quest somewhere!

Hero Quest Blank Map

Create the Rules and Notes for the Sorcerer and Heroes

As with the original Hero Quest, the map and stories came with notes and rules for the players. To summerise: plan a story, create a map, create rules to coincide with these.

And that’s everything you need to get started! Be sure to pay attention to the strengths and weaknesses of both your heroes and your monsters. And also, make sure the expansions are rewarding for all players!

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