Smilegate has announced plans to close CrossfireX, the latest addition to the hugely popular Crossfire series. Originally launched on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One in February 2022, CrossfireX was once positioned as a groundbreaking Xbox exclusive. However, a poorly received launch version damaged plans for a lengthy lifespan for the multiplayer shooter.

“Since the launch of the game, we have worked tirelessly to bring it to a point where we can all be proud, and throughout it all we have had the honor and pleasure of supporting our players,” CrossfireX’s development team said in a statement. “Coming to this decision was not easy, however, we can proudly say that our players have been amazingly active, passionate, and enthusiastic in working with us to create a game that would be fun and enjoyable by all. We want to thank each and every one of our players for playing CrossfireX and being a part of this journey with us.”

CrossfireX screenshot

Despite the negativity surrounding the game, CrossfireX wasn’t actually all that bad. It was light on game modes and maps at launch, but this has since been remedied. It’s a shame that the game has been cut down before it actually got into full stride. However, it also acts as a warning to the many publishers that look to rush out barebones live service games in the hopes of updating them post-launch.

CrossfireX also offers a campaign mode developed by Remedy Entertainment. However, this single-player FPS was also heavily criticised at launch. It also offered as a separate purchase to the main free-to-play multiplayer component. Despite this, the single-player mode will also no longer be available.

Sales for the game on the Xbox Store have already been disabled. There will be no new content added to the game, including maps, modes, and camos.

Fans of the Xbox exclusive CrossfireX can continue to play the game until its shutdown in May. The in-game store will remain open, but the option to purchase premium currency has been disabled. Players can still spend their remaining currency.

How do you feel about the closure of CrossfireX? Did you return following the post-launch updates? Let us know in the comments below!

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