Green Man Gaming Publishing has today announced a new global publishing deal with Indie developer Evil Twin Artworks. The deal will see the new comedic space combat adventure game The Galactic Junkers come to PC and consoles in late 2022.

The Galactic Junkers will transport you to a far away galaxy. You can become the space captain you always wanted to be. The only problem is that your ship needs work. Plus there’s a price on your head. And your crew are idiots.

The Galactic Junkers screenshot

In the far future the Great Cataclysm saw Earth destroyed, seeing humanity spread throughout the Solar System. To survive we’ve become nomads, eking out a living on space stations that are falling apart and barely habitable asteroids. Humanity has lost hope. However, a few brave space captains are out there trying to find a new future for us. You’re one of them. Building a life full of adventure for you and your crew, with a full load of Space Munch, a moody computer and a barely functioning ship. What could possibly go wrong?

The Galactic Junkers puts you in the role of a space captain on the run. Your ship might be falling apart and your crew isn’t the best, but with a little luck you can keep everything ship-shape. Upgrade your ship, hire new crew, steal supplies and equipment, and keep searching for the truth of why everyone wants you dead.

Evil Twin Artworks originally planned a Kickstarter campaign. The funding would be to support the PC development, and hopefully to later secure funding for a console release. However, Green Man Gaming Publishing stepped in with a deal to support the team with publishing, PR and marketing. And not just on PC, but across all platforms. 

“We are excited to be partnering with the talented team at Evil Twin Artworks to bring The Galactic Junkers to market and further bolster our publishing portfolio. We believe that this title can be an indie hit not only on PC but across all platforms and we will utilise our vast publishing experience to get The Galactic Junkers in the hands of gamers across the world”. 

Helen Churchill, SVP of Publishing at Green Man Gaming Publishing

The Galactic Junkers will be available for PC and console in late 2022. No specific date has yet been announced.

Are you excited by the chance to bumble your way through space? Let us know in the comments below!

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