NeocoreGames have today announced that King Arthur: Knight’s Tale is leaving Early Access. The full release will be available on Steam today. King Arthur: Knight’s Tale has also been confirmed for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, with a release touted for late 2022.

Set in a dark fantasy world based on the Arthurian myth, this tactical-RPG hybrid begins right after the famous battle of Camlann. However, there’s a twist: you are Sir. Mordred, the nemesis of King Arthur, the former black knight of the grim tales. You killed King Arthur, but with his dying breath, he struck you down. You both died – and yet, you both live. The Lady of the Lake, the ruler of the mystical island of Avalon, brought you back to end a true nightmare. She wants you to go on a knightly quest. She wants you to finish what you have begun. Kill King Arthur – or whatever he has become after she took his dying vessel to Avalon.

King Arthur: Knight's Tale screenshot

In King Arthur: Knight’s Tale, players control a small team of heroes and fight grueling battles with a tactical turn-based combat system. Choose from more than 30 heroes across six diverse classes and combine hundreds of skills and artifacts to assemble an efficient team.

As you gather your own Knights of the Round Table you can send them on quests. These heroes are the most important resources. But also, the most complex gameplay element: in King Arthur: Knight’s Tale, death is always final. You must manage them at the Round Table accordingly, planning ahead before going into battles.

The character progression system is designed to be as deep as in the traditional RPGs. Heroes level up on unique skill trees and the complex loot system provides unique options to fine-tune their tactical capabilities. Each hero has a distinctive personality and their loyalty is changes in relation to the the decisions made by the player. In certain cases they can even leave the Round Table and turn against you.

King Arthur: Knight's Tale screenshot

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale is available on PC now. The game is also coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S at a later date. Are you looking forward to some knightly adventuring? Let us know in the comments below!

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