Two-man team 9heads Game Studio has launched No Captain Allowed!, an intriguing new multiplayer game. No available for PC, via Steam, No Captain Allowed! challenges players to co-operate in brand new and unexpected ways.

No Captain Allowed! is a game about managing and protecting a special ship. Players will team up in order to manage their ship, and attempt to escape from a world in complete chaos. Each player on the tea has to vote on each important decision – hence the name of the game! This includes which upgrades to buy, decisions in quests and which path will ultimately lead them to victory.

No Captain Allowed! screenshot

The game randomises many events and encounters, meaning that every match played feels fresh. Weather events can interrupt your progress at any point, and a random match of quests and enemies means that even the same mission can feel very different a second or third time.

Through the game, players will be able to find a variety of weapons, from swords to laser guns, chainsaws and even a flamethrower. As you do, you can also build your skill tree however you choose. The game offers Support, Fighter or Runner categories, or you can mix between all of them. Each player can have their own role in the team.

“We were inspired by roguelike games like FTL (Faster Than Light) and the simple mechanics of Overcooked. By joining the style of these games with the ability to play solo or with friends, online or local, makes No Captain Allowed! truly an one of a kind game.”

9Heads Game Studio
No Captain Allowed! screenshot

No Captain Allowed! is available now via Steam, priced at £11.39 GBP. A launch discount of 33% is currently being offered, bringing the price down to £7.63.

Are you ready to set sail with your friends in a new co-operative adventure? Does No Captain Allowed! float your boat? Let us know in the comments below!

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