2021’s Drunken Fist reached a surprisingly keen audience. The game delivered a wacky ragdoll fighting experience, in which the player had to struggle with fighting while inebriated. The recently announced Drunken Fist 2: Zombie Hangover looks to up the ante significantly. This time it’s not just street hooligans and cops you’ll be brawling with: this time, you’re fighting for survival in a zombie apocalypse.

The inebriated antics of Drunken Fist are back with brutal vengeance as you take the role of a hungover rocker in Drunken Fist 2: Zombie Hangover. Waking up in a city full of undead hordes, it’s your job to stumble through the streets pummeling zombie opponents. Armed with your two best friends, lefty and righty, and the fearless inhibition that only a drunken stupor can provide.

Drunken Fist 2: Zombie Hangover screenshot

Filled with blood, gore and loss of limbs depicted in light-hearted low-poly style, Drunken Fist 2: Zombie Hangover is a fanciful take on survival horror. As with its predecessor, the game features physics-based beat-‘em-up action and ragdoll takedowns that no sober player would take seriously. It’s time to drain as many bottles of alcohol as possible, find food to keep you standing and somehow muster a bit more combat prowess than your lumbering undead opponents. The occasional faceplant will be excused, of course.

Chit Hot reviewed the original Drunken Fist back in January 2021. Though flawed, the game was enjoyable when played with friends, as long as you didn’t take it too seriously!

Drunken Fist is best when it’s given the opportunity to be shared between friends as you laugh at one another’s frustration; it’s a party game of sorts, and will be enjoyed for its moment in that light. 

Drunken Fist Review, Chit Hot
Drunken Fist 2: Zombie Hangover screenshot

Drunken Fist 2: Zombie Hangover is set to launch in June 2022. The game will be available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

Did you play the original Drunken Fist? Are you looking forward to the sequel? Let us know in the comments below!

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