Divination looks set to be something very special indeed. A short game where you act as a fortune teller in a futuristic world, players must listen to people’s stories, then foresee their future using the runes they had drawn. The result of your divination will stir the fate of humans and robots alike.

Trapped inside the room full of screens is a pair of hands that can predict the future. Ask a question and draw the runes, and these hands will unveil the forthcoming. This is the future you live in. A small world; a city full of uncertainty and doubt, violence and obsession. In a time when people have begun to reject life as an unwanted burden, they have nothing to trust. They’ll come, they’ll seek, and you will give them answers.

Divination GIF

You are the Diviner, an enigmatic fortune teller using ancient runes to discern the future even as the technology of a cyberpunk metropolis surrounds you. Converse with your clients to learn their stories, then arrange the runes they’ve drawn to decide the responses you give them. Good or bad, these answers hold the power to stir the fate of humans and robots alike. To change the outcome of this tale in meaningful ways; to deal in death or help your clients avoid it.

The decisions and consequences are grey, requiring your intuition as Diviner to bring an end to the madness of a despairing populace.

Sounding very similar in deliver to Papers, Please, Divination gives an alternative view of cyberpunk to that which gamers have seen of late. This isn’t about high-octane aggression with futuristic weaponry. It’s about escapism from everyday life in an oppressive future.

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Divination will launch on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S next week, 18th May 2022. Are you eagerly anticipating the power that Divination gives? Let us know in the comments below!

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