The Xbox Series X launched with a 1TB SSD installed. The Xbox Series S? 500GB. Those number seem pretty measly by today’s standards, and it’s even worse when you take into account the OS services occupy a good chunk of that capacity. On Xbox Series S in particular, this leaves you with just 364GB! Many of you may have considered upgrading you Xbox Series X|S storage, but doing so is rather costly.

The Xbox Series X|S storage may be acceptable to those gamers who purchase three or four titles a year. The average indie game requires less than 10GB of storage, whilst AAA titles generally range from 50GB – 100GB. The latter may push the Xbox Series S to the limit, but the Xbox Series X can handle it with ease. However, for more serious gamers, there is a significant problem brewing. Especially when it comes to Xbox Game Pass.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection keyart

Xbox Games Pass allows players to download and play hundreds of games for a monthly subscription. Picking just a handful of titles – say, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Forza Horizon 5 and Gears 5 – will quickly deplete your capacity. In fact, those three titles alone would occupy almost all of the space available on an Xbox Series S.

To ease this burden, Microsoft has partnered with Seagate for storage expansion cards. These cards are simple plug-and-play products. They come in 512GB, 1TB and 2TB options. They are very costly, however. In fact, the 2TB option costs almost as much as an Xbox Series X itself! That’s a hefty price to pay for the convenience.

Xbox Series X|S Storage Expansion Card

By comparison, the PlayStation 5 is compatible with a number of off-the-shelf SSDs. However, upgraded the storage requires a considerable amount more effort. In fact, you have to remove the front panel of the console and have a screwdriver to hand. Not exactly user-friendly.

So that’s the price of convenience. But it’s still a big asking price. With that, we’re keen to know how many of you have upgraded your Xbox Series X|S storage with one of these expensive expansions!

Have you upgraded your Xbox Series X|S storage?

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