The Star Ocean series has a legacy stretching more than a quarter of a century. Debuting on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) back in 1996, the original title was never released outside of Japan. It was Star Ocean: The Second Story for the original PlayStation that brought the series to the west, and since then we’ve seen seven additional titles across a multitude of format. Star Ocean: The Divine Force promises to deliver something different, however. Star Ocean: The Divine Force will deliver a unique story from two different perspectives and a brand new combat system.

Raymond Lawrence crashes onto an unfamiliar planet, and is immediately attacked by some unfriendly local wildlife. Coming to his rescue is Laeticia, the crown princess of the Kingdom of Aucerius. Together, these two will challenge the fate of the Kingdom. The choices you make as either character will have repercussions all over the galaxies.

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Star Ocean: The Divine Force Story

The Pangalactic Federation is no longer the bastion of peace it once was. In order to maintain power, it has begun assimilating entire planets against their will. Raymond is the captain of the merchant vessel Ydas. As he departs from the nonfederated planet of Verguld his ship’s fired upon by the Pangalactic Federation battleship Astoria. He’s forced to crash land on the underdeveloped planet Aster IV.

Separated from his crewmates and under attack by vicious local wildlife, Raymond is saved by Laeticia Aucerius. Laeticia is the princess of the Kingdom of Aucerius: a large territory located on the underdeveloped planet of Aster IV. Together, they embark on a mission to save her land from a warmongering neighbor and find his missing companion.

Star Ocean: The Divine Force screenshot

Exploration Gameplay – On the Ground, in the Air

The above story sets the scene for an action-orientated RPG. Square Enix are promising a game that’s full of twists and turns, secrets to find and fast-paced, strategic combat. The dual protagonist system lets you choose between Raymond and Laeticia, and the events you experience, the allies you work with, and the locations you visit will be different depending on who you play as.

The entire game takes place on the planet Aster IV. However, player freedom is brought through the ability to traverse the vast environments at ground level, and also soar up into the sky and fly around in the air. If you see a huge cliff in the distance, you’ll be able to fly up to it and explore. If you find a city you’ll want to go in on-foot to see who’s wandering about. Of course, Aster IV has plenty of dangerous areas, too. Sooner or later you’ll run into one of the vicious beasts that prowl the wide expanses of the planet.

Star Ocean: The Divine Force screenshot

Star Ocean: The Divine Force Combat

Combat in Star Ocean The Divine Force is designed to be fast-paced. Both Raymond and Laeticia have high-speed movement and attacks, but each has their own unique skills. For example, the ability to vanish for a brief moment right in front of your enemies’ eyes, or take them out in a single hit.

All of the combat takes place in full 360-degrees. It’s a game that’s designed to be fast-paced and marry together your RPG learnings with action-orientated gameplay.

Star Ocean: The Divine Force screenshot

Star Ocean: The Divine Force Release Date

Star Ocean The Divine Force is set to launch on 27th October, 2022. The game is in development for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The standard edition of the game will be available both physically and digitally. There’s also the Digital Deluxe Edition, which includes a soundtrack featuring music composed for the game, as well as some in-game items, including an Armor pack, and Accessory pack.

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