Welcome to Chit Hot’s guide for Resident Evil Village. This Resident Evil Village Walkthrough Guide – Return to The Village contains information on Ethan’s second visit to The Village, following your escape from Castle Dimitrescu. Below you will find all secrets, treasures, and collectibles, such asFiles and Goats of Warding. Plus, how to reach the house with the red chimney, how to obtain a new pistol, where to find the Water Wheel, and more.

Leaving the Tower of Worship behind after the Lady Dimitrescu boss fight, the large drawbridge on the left will have been raised up. Before moving forward, check out a small hut nearby and search the drawers for some Rusted Scrap, a Save Point, and a Craftsman’s Note File. Out the back window is a well and an outhouse you can check for some Gunpowder. To proceed, hit the gate with your knife to break the lock. This Resident Evil Village Walkthrough Guide – Return to The Village will inform you of all you need to know for your second visit to the titular village!

Return to the Village – Look for Rose

As you travel through the narrow passage you’ll enter a flooded tunnel. There’s several fish swimming about, and you can actually kill them by crouching down and quickly slashing with your knife. Doing so, you can collect 3 Fish Meat, which can be traded with The Duke later on. Note: you can’t return to this area later, so kill the fish now if you intend to do so.

At the end of the next hall you’ll meet the old crone again. She leaves an item in a chest, and motions to a mural of four different houses and lords surrounding a pedestal. When she leaves, open the chest to get the Winged Key, and use it to leave the cavern. You’ll come out at the Ceremony Site.

Off to the west, you can see what looks to be a factory in the distance. But you want to be heading east, back to the Village. Look for a small path to the right to find some Sniper Rifle Ammo before heading down the stairs to a bridge across a river. Here, several Lycans lie in wait. You can try and snipe one from a distance, but this will just set the others into motion.

Goat of Warding – There’s a Lycan down by the docks below. Search the small dark room nearby and you’ll find a Goat of Warding.

Moving through the Lone Road, you’ll pass some open doorways on either side of the road. The first opening on the right holds Rusted Scrap. The opening on the left has a Lycan guarding a crate. Make a note of the last opening on the right; there’s a small chest in there that needs a key you don’t have.

When you reach the Village’s Altar The Duke will appear. He’ll shed light on your predicament, as well as the fate of your daughter. Guess what? It ain’t great. Read more of this Resident Evil Village Walkthrough Guide – Return to The Village to learn exactly what you need to do next.

Resident Evil Village Walkthrough Guide - Return to the Village

Reach the Red Chimney House

Check The Duke’s wares for new items like recipes to make Pipe Bombs, and use the Save Point nearby. You don’t have to deposit the flask at the Altar yet if you don’t want to. What’s more, the Winged Key currently only has two wings. Thus, it cannot open the other doors that around you.

Use the Winged Key to return to to the Village square. A few things have changed since your last visit, now it’s somewhat later in the day.

You’ll find that there are several bodies in the street now, and the drawbridge back to Castle Dimitrescu has been raised. You can take this opportunity to kill the fish swimming in the moat to get 3 Fish Meat. Be cautious however, as a few Lycans will appear when you turn back from the castle.

If you still have a Lockpick, you can return to the first house by the Maiden of War – where you met the old crone – to unlock a drawer with several Shotgun Ammo. And if you head to the Church nearby, you’ll find that someone has set up a basecamp here. They are following your progress: it seems the team that initially abducted your daughter have finally tracked down your location. Read the Church Computer File for more info.

Behind the church is a small graveyard you can now open with the Iron Insignia Key. This leads to a small area with a few mausoleums and several chickens you can kill to get 3 Poultry. Later, you can give The Duke meat to permanently upgrade your health and other abilities.

Goat of Warding – In the graveyard you’ll find a Herb, a crate, and a Goat of Warding behind one of the mausoleums in the back.

The Fallow Plot has also changed. Burned bodies from Luiza’s House are now strung up as scarecrows, and several winged Samcas circle the field. There’s some items by the house, but as they include ammo for weapons you don’t yet have they can stay there for now. The red chimney house is beyond the sealed gate by the Maiden of War statue, but a tractor has been moved to allow access to a nearby large house.

Enter into the basement at the front of this house to find Vivianite under the clay oven. Search the room to also find a Teddy BearGunpowderLeiRusted Scrap, and Chem Fluid. Head around the back of the house to find a barn area and a locked door, then turn back and go up the stairs to the main rooms where you can find Handgun Ammo in a cabinet, a locked drawer you can lockpick to get Shotgun Ammo, as well as Leonardo’s Message File on the table.

As you move through the house you’ll hear a lot of commotion outside. A room at the back has a door to the other side of the yard, as well as a Wooden Animal (Body) treasure you can combine with something else later on. Move down and unlock the door, before going into the small barn where you can push aside a barricade. Be ready for a Lycan on the other side.

You’re back in West Old Town now, and a tractor is now blocking you from getting back onto the road leading to the red chimney house. Take the path up to the large gate with the lock and slash it to open a path to the Workshop. There’s some Lei and Rusted Scrap out in the open here. Heading inside, you can find a large cabinet with a combination lock. Thankfully, the combination is not far away; look nearby for a small photo of a man with some strange object on his back and flip it over for a clue. Looking out the window, you’ll see three sets of numbers come into focus to reveal the code: 070408. Be prepared for a quick surprise, and then deal with the arrival.

Unlocking the cabinet will grant you a new gun: the M1911 Handgun. You’ll also get the Jack Handle for the tractor.

Now that you have a new handgun you may want to consider selling the old one. However, any rounds remaining in your clip will be sold alongside it. Furthermore, you may also want hang onto it as both guns can be continually upgraded throughout the game.

When you leave the Workshop several Lycans are waiting for you. You can make use of your new weapon’s fully automatic function to hold down the trigger and rain lead on the group. Once victorious, head back to the tractor and use the Jack Handle to get back to the main road.

The first house behind you, at the edge of the village, now has a crate you can break. You can also now unlock the drawer in the home with a lockpick to get Sniper Rifle Ammo. If you look inside the barn on the side of the house you’ll encounter a pig that can be killed for its two Meat. Also, the barn in the back that had a yellow hanging birdcage can now be shot down to grab some Shotgun Ammo.

Down the road toward the red chimney house there’s two Lycans waiting by a tractor. Snipe the one on top then kill its friend who comes charging at you. Moving on, there’s a few more up the street you’ll need to contend with.

Moving down the narrow road will reveal a new enemy: Armored Lycan. Covered with sharp and deadly metal spikes, this armored foe is very tough. However, it is very slow to advance. Keep your distance and toss a Pipe Bomb to break away the armor. Shoot with your rifle to deal major damage to his exposed parts. You’ll likely be rewarded for your efforts with a Perfect Crystal Skull that sells for a lot of Lei.

Next, you can finally cut the padlock on the home across the lane with the note on it. There’s a Note on Luthier’s House File on the front door from Beneviento’s Gardener, who apparently holds the key to this home. You can also check next to the house for a crate, and the small shack nearby where a Lycan is protecting some GunpowderHandgun Ammo, and a Madalina (Body) treasure. Also, in the outhouse you can find a Lockpick.

Goat of Warding – Look between Luthier’s house and the shack. On top of a firewood pile you can find another goat to shoot.

Use the Iron Insignia key on the gate near the large house on the street. This leads to a ladder to cross to the red chimney house. Be sure to enter the small shack first to find Lei and a Water Wheel. With this key item, you can now raise up all the wells around the village to collect various items.

Climbing up the ladder next to the shack, you can collect some Metal Scrap, then drop down into the yard of the red chimney house. There’s a few chickens scurrying about that you can kill for two Poultry Meat, some Gunpowder outside, and a gate to the Maiden of War which you can unlock. Be sure to also look for an outhouse that holds a Large Crystal.

With the front door locked, go around the back to find a ladder to the roof and drop inside. There’s a Lycan in here. Kill it and open the nearby cabinet for Handgun Ammo. The nearby kitchen table holds Eugen’s Diary File, and a box with a note about how the Winged Key can be upgraded, and the parts to make it a Four Winged Key.

Return to the Duke

It’s now time to return to The Duke. Before you go take another quick lap around the Village to use the water wheel at various wells:

  • To the right of the Maiden of War statue: Wooden Animal (Head). which can be combined with the Wooden Animal (Body) to sell for greater profit.
  • Behind the Church: Necklace with Two Holes, which can fit two gems.
  • Behind the first house in West Old Town: Lockpick.
  • Next to Luiza’s House: three Pipebombs

Return to the Altar to learn that you need all four flasks to get your daughter back. Each flask is held by one of the “four lords” Mother Miranda controls. You’ll need to hunt each of them down in their lairs, just as you did with Lady Dimitrescu.

The Duke will update your map with the locations of the lords, as well as the locations of several treasures you should keep an eye out for. With your Winged Key now complete you have a new target to pursue: Donna Beneviento. Head north from the Altar to proceed into her domain.

That completes this Resident Evil Village Walkthrough Guide – Return to The Village. The next stage will be more challenging than this revisit over trodden ground, so be sure to take the time to buy upgrades for your new weapons, and enhance your abilities with any food you successfully hunted.