The Fluffy Horde is coming! As of today, RedDeerGames’ Fluffy Horde is available to download for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Debuting on PC in 2018, developers Turtle Juice sure have taken their sweet time bringing the bunny-based chaos to consoles.

Fluffy Horde has a crystal clear goal: defend against a magical bunny horde with hyper-breeding tendencies. Halt their offensive or die of embarrassment. If you are successful, you might even discover the reason behind this insane invasion.

Fluffy Horde screenshot

Fluffy Horde Gameplay

The game is a 2D side-scrolling hybrid between real-time strategy and tower defense. The design appears similar to Zen Studios’ Castlestorm on paper, though in practice it runs significantly deeper. The game revolves around a magical hyper-breeding bunny horde created by a misunderstood Shaman wanderer. After having a dwelling denied in all three kingdoms, the Shaman is willing to take over all of them by force. Can you stop the furry assault?

In Fluffy Horde you must save your crops from the enemy as you try to withstand the rabbit tsunami. You are the only thing standing between a magical rabbit-mancer “Shaman” and the complete annihilation of the Three Kingdoms.

The game was the debut title developed by Turtle Juice. The studio has also worked on the forthcoming Elderand, set for release in Q1 2023. Currently there are no other known games coming from the studio.

Conversely, RedDeerGames have their plate full. Earlier this year they brought us the underrated Pro Gymnast Simulator. The prolific publisher has more than 30 new releases coming soon, including the intriguing looking The Evil One. You can see more titles coming from RedDeerGames on their official website.

With Fluffy Horde available from today, will you be treating yourself to an early bunny-shaped holiday present? Did you play the original PC release? Let us know in the comments below!

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