Super Woden GP is a game that prides itself on its retro stylings. The introduction sequence is a brightly coloured cartoon-esque animation that sets the game up as an arcade style racing game. Despite being far prettier than anything that could’ve been produced in the 1990’s, the game gives off a vibe as if it had been originally presented on late 80’s arcade cabinet, or the original PlayStation. It is, however, far more challenging than an ’80s coin-op. This Super Woden GP review will explain why.

As you may be able to tell from the screenshots, Super Woden GP plays like a modern version of Super Off-Road. Or more recently, MotorStorm RC. The handling is far tougher, however. It will likely take you several races to get a grip on the nuances. Ensuring that you stay on-track is of far greater importance than a few nudges against other racers or over braking in the corners. Modern racing games have a tendency to throw out easy wins or even no-fail races (here’s looking at you, Forza Horizon). Super Woden GP does not approve. Super Woden GP wants you to race. It wants you to win. It wants you to earn that trophy.

Super Woden GP screenshot

It’s a testament to this design that even after putting in several hours for this Super Woden GP review, wins were by no means guaranteed. Even in the easiest difficulty, Super Woden GP puts up a challenge. By the time you reach the later events, podium finishes are very much a reason to celebrate.

With all this talk of the challenge on offer, it would be a disservice to Super Woden GP to not explain how compelling it can become. You’ll often think that it’s just one minor fault that cost you the race. And it probably was. You’ll think you can do better. And you probably will. Super Woden GP is a game of perseverance. Of learning and adapting. This is why, as the headline to this Super Woden GP review suggests, the game presents itself as the Elden Ring of the racing genre.

Super Woden GP screenshot

Super Woden GP is widely regarded as a tough-but-fair experience, and we couldn’t agree more. It’s punishing yet addictive. It’s a game that will have you huffing for hours followed by a burst of excitement. A genuine feeling of accomplishment. The barrier for entry is undoubtedly high, but stick with it for a couple of hours, and you’ll surely be chasing those wins as if they were crack. I mean, in a good way, of course.

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