A new demo for the single-player aspect of SYNCED has just dropped on Steam. No warning, no teasing. Just live. And playable right now. Time to go it alone in what was formally a multiplayer orientated affair.

SYNCED is an all-action sci-fi shooter playable with, or against, other people. Chit Hot recently explored the finer aspects of the game, informing you exactly why you should be excited for SYNCED. One of those aspects was indeed the single-player element of the game.

As per some of the feedback following a recent Open Beta, Level Infinite and NExT Studios recently announced that a single-player mode will be added to the game. No one expected to get a taste of it so soon, though. As of today, players can experience this for the first time, but only for a limited time.

SYNCED screenshot

SYNCED Solo Demo

In addition to trying out some solo SYNCED gameplay, players can also experience the latest additions to the game. These include the all-new “Nano Leap” ability and a variety of weapon mods.

According to NExT Studio, “Solo Mode has always been part of our development plan, and we’re excited to offer players a taste of the solo PvE experience with our new SYNCED Solo Mode demo.”

The demo will be live during the Eastern Game Fest Steam event. Which means that this new SYNCED demo is available on Steam from today, 12th April, 2023. It will be removed on 19th April, at 5:00 BST (18th April, 21:00 PDT).

SYNCED is currently in development for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. The PC edition will launch this summer, with consoles set to follow later in the year. No specific dates have yet been offered for any format.

Are you excited for SYNCED? Will you be trying out this new single-player demo? Let us know in the comments below!

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