As a new player of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, I feel a little bit proud that I already slowly built my island, DREAMLAND, into a four-star island. From now on, I am trying to keep an Animal Crossing diary that wasn’t about aiming to turn the island into a five-star island. It is about keeping track of all the things I learned along the way. After all, it helped me a lot to kill time during the lockdown in this world where the paused button is pressed. 

Anyway, life follows its natural course, much like the game for me.  

Sometimes I play for half an hour a day, sometimes I play for N~ hours a day. It depends on my time or my mood. I will never take it as a daily plan or target as there are many other things in my life, not just games. But no matter how much I play, I will keep a record of it. This is kind of an “exercise” for me – setting a small goal and keeping doing it over and over again.  

Ok. Let’s go now~~~ 

By the way, I don’t read much gaming strategies except to exchange information with my friends or visit other people’s islands on YouTube, so maybe I will offer some my TIPS occasionally.  

4th, June, 2020 

Today’s outfit. 

Changed my hair colour to Grandma’s grey.  Something I only can do in the game.  

Is this me in 10 years? NO! At least 30 years! 

I bought the small/medium/large rugs from the camel Saharah, who comes over once a week. But obviously they are not amazing. 

Got the ticket from Saharah and exchange a mysterious flooring, also bought a new mysterious wallpaper. My living room becomes a tiny prairie. I am not really into that, so I will probably only use it for one day.  

Today’s furniture I shook from the trees. Campfire cook ware and mini fridge, of which I already have a black one in my basement. 

I visited Jakey’s house while he was making an orange hat. Then, he gave me a Wrestler Uniform. Which is cool!

Another new outfit was given to me by the frog Lily. Her house is located in my favourite area, where is peaceful as it is the highest and furthest place away from the island centre. There is also a lot of space to try various designs. 

Today’s Shopping list: 

*Harp  – Price: 130,000.  

But I have to save it in the storage as I do not have a nice space for it now. Hope I can have a room with all my music elements one day. 

*Floor light  – Price: 2,200. I ordered from the Nook’s shop, so I only can receive it via mail tomorrow. It is for a relaxing area, which I will post in my Animal Crossing Diary at some point.  

No new clothes purchased today.  

Actually, I prefer some special or eccentric style currently after the early general shopping. Of course, the most important reason is I need MONEY to pay for the last stage of my mortgage!

It will be very soon after I sell my 1 million turnips this week… 

                                                                            (TO BE CONTINUED…