Developer Nekki recently revealed a new gameplay of its upcoming gun-fu action game, SPINE. The new ‘Market Ggun Fu’ teaser showcased pre-Alpha gameplay footage and was decidedly well received. However, more interesting is the fact that SPINE now has an official release date window.

What is SPINE?

SPINE is a single-player action game where the player takes on the role of street artist Redline. She’s accompanied by her sentient combat implant, the titular Spine. You’ll join them as they challenge the autocratic AI regime of Tensor Corporation, all while learning to trust each other. 

SPINE features camerawork and combat choreography by action movie specialists and is powered by Unreal Engine 5 and Nekki’s original animation engine, Cascadeur. The aim is to make players the star of their own action movie where no two fights are the same.

SPINE Market Gun Fu Teaser Trailer

“Today’s pre-Alpha Market Gun Fu teaser is just a taste of SPINE’s cinematic action from early in the game when Redline has unlocked only a small number of Spine’s abilities,” said Dmitry Pimenov, Producer of SPINE.

SPINE Release Date

Pimenov continued with, “We’re looking forward to showing more gameplay later this year.

“As well as revealing more about SPINE’s deep story and world-building, character backgrounds, cutscenes and cinematic production.”

For those interested in the game’s universe, Nekki publishes a webtoon comic SPINE: Bullet Dancers that lets fans dive into the world of SPINE before the game is released. The studio is clearly keen on delivering their world as comprehensively as possible.

While at the time of it’s original reveal SPINE previously had no release date offered, Nekki has now confirmed it will arrive in 2025. The formats of the game have already been confirmed as PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

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