The recently released Maneater has gained quite an audience for the summer season. Many gamers across the world are enjoying the shark-’em-up as a rare distraction from shooting and sports sims. However, to get the most out of the game you may need a little extra help. So here’s a Maneater guide for all the mutations and evolutions to bring your sharkiness to the next level.

Maneater has received considerable acclaim since launch. The comedy stylings of the Maneater narrator voice actor blend with the action to present a unique and exciting experience. Many of you will already be working through the game with the help of our Maneater Collectables Guide, but now it’s time to level-up!

Maneater screenshot

Maneater Guide – All Mutations

Mutations give your shark special abilities. You can unlock them through various means, such as defeating bosses and completing missions. Below is the list of all mutations and the bonuses they give you.

There are eight evolution slots: head, jaw, body, fins, tail, and three organs. . Here’s a list of different mutations you can unlock in the game:

  • Sonar – This allows you to detect things without seeing them by pressing the button to activate. Can be upgraded to scan a longer distance.
  • Protein Digestion – Gives you more health from eating and more protein from protein sources. Protein can be used to upgrade further mutations. Unlocked by getting all the landmarks in Fawtick Bayou.
  • Mineral Digestion – Gives you more health from eating and more minerals from mineral sources. Minerals can be used to upgrade further mutations. Unlocked by killing a hunter leader.
  • Fat Digestion – Gives you more health from eating and more fat from fat sources. Fat can be used to upgrade further mutations. Unlocked by killing a boss.
  • Bone Set – Increases the damage you do to boats. Obtained by killing the apex predators in five areas: Sapphire Bay, Dead Horse Lake, Prosperity Sands, Golden Shores, The Gulf and Caviar Bay.
  • Amphibious – Increases your speed on land and allows you to survive longer on it. Obtained by killing the apex predator in Fawtick Bay.
  • Bio Electric Set – Increases your damage and allows you to stun enemies. Different pieces of this set (teeth, fins, etc) are dropped by hunter leaders.
  • Hearty Set – Increases your health and defence. Also obtained by raising your infamy rank.
  • Adrenal Gland – Increases damage when your health is low. Kill a boss to get it.
  • Shadow Set – Attacked enemies are poisoned and slowed down. You can get different pieces by collecting landmarks in Golden Shores, Dead Horse Lake, Sapphire Bay, Caviar Bay, Prosperity Sands and The Gulf.
  • Brutal Muscles – Increases speed and tail damage. Unlocked by defeating the last hunter boss.
Maneater screenshot

Maneater Guide – All Evolutions

Teen, Adult, Elder and Mega shark levels are the different evolutions that you can unlock when you reach the appropriate level. Every Shark Level unlocks new abilities and ability upgrades.

To level-up in Maneater, you have to gain the required experience then return to any unlocked Grotto. You level up by doing the main quest missions, side quests, getting collectibles, etc.

  • The first step is to reach Teen. To unlock that evolution you have to reach level 4 and then return into a grotto.
  • The next step is Adult, which you unlock on level 10.
  • Following that is Elder, for which you need to attain level 20.
  • Lastly is Mega. You have to be level 30 to become a Mega shark, and that is the highest level cap you can reach in the game.