Metal Gear Solid Master Collection had a bit of a rough ride at launch. According to many fans, the ports of the classic titles to modern consoles wasn’t as smooth as had been expected. Konami has endeavoured to correct this mistake and, while some issues remain, it’s certainly looking on better form. With that, it’s time to dive into the original MGS1, and unlock all the best items in the game.

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How to Unlock the Best Items in MGS1

All of the below content is available in both original 1998 Metal Gear Solid, the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection and the more recent Metal Gear Solid Master Collection. Many of the game’s best items can be accessed by completing the game multiple times, as was the style at the time. Each new item unlocked will change subsequent playthroughs significantly. Mostly, making them easier!

We’re only going to concentrate on how to unlock the best items in MGS1 in this article. If you’ve already beaten the game, you’re already underway!

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Metal Gear Solid Master Collection - MGS1 Save Data

Metal Gear Solid New Game Plus

Once you have completed the main campaign for the first time you’ll be able to access New Game Plus mode. Here, you’ll be starting over with any bonus items you’ve unlocked. This will be essential for subsequent playthroughs and gaining access to the best items in the game.

To access New Game Plus, visit your saved games. On the completed file, you’ll see “Dock” shaded in orange. Load up that game and it’ll launch a new playthrough with all your unlocked items in your inventory.

How to Unlock the Best Items in MGS1 - Ocelot's Torture

How to Unlock the Bandana in MGS1

The Bandana is one of the hardest items to unlock in MGS1. As a byproduct of your efforts here, Meryl will survive. So two birds with one stone, eh?

In order to unlock the Bandana in MGS1, you’ll need to withstand Ocelot’s torture sequence without giving up.

Survive Ocelot’s Torture (and get out of the cell fast!)

In order to survive Ocelot’s torture and begin on your path to unlocking the Bandana, you need to tap the action button (circle on PlayStation, B on Xbox, A on Switch) as fast as you possibly can. This may sound easy, but in fact it demands a frankly ridiculous speed.

Should you manage to complete this sequence, you’ll find yourself in a cell in the next scene. Call Otacon via the Codec, and Ocelot will return for another torture sequence. You’ll then receive some rations and a bottle of ketchup.

Wait for the guard to go to the bathroom. Equip the ketchup, lay on the floor and press square on PlayStation, X on Xbox or Y on Switch. When the guard returns, he’ll think Snake is bleeding and will enter the cell to check on you. Quickly stand up and either punch him out or break his neck to escape.

Should you mess up this process, the guard will lock you in and you’ll have to endure yet another torture sequence.

Should you do all of the above correctly, Meryl with give you the Bandana at the end of the game. Start a New Game Plus playthrough with the method described above, and you’ll have it in your inventory. The Bandana grants infinite ammo. This makes many of the boss fights in the game, including Metal Gear Rex, far easier.

How to Unlock Stealth Camouflage

Unlocking the Stealth Camouflage is a process contrary to the Bandana. During this same sequence, simply submit to Ocelot’s torture. Meryl will die, but you’ll escape with Otacon at the end of the game. Instead of the Bandana, he’ll give you the Stealth Camouflage. Start a New Game Plus playthrough with the method described above, and you’ll have it in your inventory.

The Stealth Camouflage makes Snake’s appearance change to a transparent green. This makes it so that guards and most cameras can’t see him. It works on some bosses, but not all, and Snake will still get spotted during scripted encounters with guards.

There are numerous other unique items that can be unlocked with further playthroughs. If you have a favourite – or need help to unlock any of them – let us know in the comments below!

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