Headup and Aerial_Knight have today launched Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield on mobile devices. This new version of the narrative 3D runner includes the new content recently added to PC and console versions of the game in “Da Update“. The free update will is also available for PlayStation consoles and Switch now.

Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield is an accalimed 3D runner set in a sci-fi version of Detroit. The game tells the story of Wally. He has recently uncovered evidence with the potential to change his city forever. Players will be forced to run for their lives, as they jump and slide to avoid upcoming obstacles. The game features a highly acclaimed soundtrack. Created by Danime-Sama, the music showcases the authentic sounds of Detroit artists along with the vocal talents of artists of colour from across the globe.

This version of Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield launches with Da Update included. This addition delivers improvements based on feedback to the original release. The game launches with bonus levels, new music, a new endless mode and the introduction of leaderboards to allow you to compete for high scores. Additional level and story updates aimed at adding refinement to the core game are also included. A new post-credits ending has been considered a highlight by fans.

Never Yield Da Update

“I’m really excited to bring Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield to mobile. I’ve always wanted to bring this game to as many people as possible, so the game coming to mobile is a great way to do that. With all the additional content and improvements added in Da Update there at launch, mobile players are going to get the game at its absolute best”.

Neil Jones, aka Aerial Knight

Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield is available for iOS and Android devices now. The Da Update update is also available for PlayStation consoles and Nintendo Switch.

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