The Evil Dead: The Game single-player missions are somewhat challenging. They’re designed to be an accompaniment to the fantastic multiplayer experience and play in much the same way. However, this time you’re on your own. Well, unless you’re armed with this guide on how to beat ‘If You love Someone, Set Them Free… With A Chainsaw!’.

Evil Dead: The Game launched in May 2022 and received a very welcoming response. It’s the latest in a long line of Evil Dead games. However, Chit Hot definitely thinks it’s one of the best. Check out our Evil Dead: The Game review if you haven’t already!

But now, on with the show… the Evil Dead: The Game single-player missions!

Evil Dead: The Game single-player

How To Beat “If You Love Someone, Set Them Free… With A Chainsaw!”

Loot Knowby Cabin

When you begin the first Evil Dead: The Game single-player mission, don’t head to the checkpoint right away. There are matchsticks, extra ammo, and a Shemp’s Cola to collect. The shotgun only starts with two shells in it and no additional ammunition. Pick up all ammunition in the cabin, even if it’s not for the shotgun. You may well use other weapons later.

Travel to Bronson Cave

On your route it’s best to avoid enemies as much as possible. Some of the trees have been possessed, and will hit the player without any ability to block the damage. Staying on the road is a wise choice to avoid this. However, there will likely be some deadites on the path. Use melee instead of the shotgun for these first few first since ammo is limited and the chainsaw is perfect against these basic enemies.

Start with a light attack then your special attack, then finish them off with a heavy attack. This combo won’t allow basic enemies space to get any hits in.

Entering the Cave

It’s likely that your fear meter will be very high. Thankfully, the torch at the front of the Bronson Cave allows you to empty out the meter. Once heading inside, you’re given the choice between left and right paths. Head left. There is a single enemy here and some ammunition for the shotgun.

Head towards the objective and you’ll encounter a mini-boss that doesn’t stagger when hit by melee weapons. Use the shotgun instead. Keep the monster at range and shoot him down. This mini-boss will appear a few more times on this map and should be dealt with this same way each time.

The monster drops another Shemp’s Cola. Go ahead and drink this one to recover from the fight if needed. However, be sure to save the other for later.

Take the necklace as well as the improved shotgun, and remember to stand next to the torch on the way out to reduce your fear meter.

Circus Cages

The nest destination is the Circus Cages. Again, stay on the path and don’t waste ammunition on basic deadites. Upon arriving at the Circus Cages, stand next to a torch to lower that fear meter again.

In the room with the objective you’ll find another Shemp’s Cola and an Amulet. Use the Amulet immediately and head toward the next point, emptying the fear meter with a nearby torch once again.

Digging Up Linda’s Head

The next challenge is a bit longer than the others, and it requires a visit to the Demonic Treehouse. At the top of the treehouse there is a room with a light for the fear meter and some extra ammo.

After obtaining Linda’s head a fight will start with six opponents. One of these enemies is a mini-boss and behaves like the last one. Use the shotgun to take it down fast from range.

If needed, use a Shemp’s Cola to recover from the fight. The next stop is Payne’s Manor, only a short distance south from where this fight took place.

Legendary Weapons

You’ll now face yet another mini-boss. You know what to do by now, right?

Once inside The Manor, yet another mini-boss guards the backdoor. This will likely attack you as you head up the staircase, so be ready. A prompt will tell you to search the manor for important items. There are two Legendary Weapons to get before leaving: a legendary shotgun by the fireplace and a legendary chainsaw upstairs.

Returning to Knowby Cabin

Almost there! Now you have another long trek to return to the Knowby Cabin. There are very convenient light sources en route, specifically under a bridge about halfway between.

With the legendary chainsaw the basic enemies will die with a light attack, instead of needing a heavy attack for the third strike.

Once you arrive you’ll meet the boss of the mission. He’s is all about melee attacks and will move rapidly towards you. At the end of these dashes it will either stun you, or take a few swipes dealing significant damage. This is where the legendary weapons come into play. Shoot it twice with the legendary shotgun, dodge, then take a swipe with the chainsaw.

Once defeated, you can finally put Linda’s head to rest! Kinda.