The final mission in Evil Dead: The Game will challenge all of your learnings so far. You’re probably going to need some help, so here’s a guide for how to beat Homecoming King! Including how to face your nemesis: Evil Ash.

If you’re still on the fence, be sure to check out our Evil Dead: The Game review. However, as you’ve landed on our guide for how to beat Homecoming King, it’s likely you’ve already bought the game! So read on for all the info you need to complete the fifth mission.

Evil Dead: The Game - How to beat Homecoming King

How to Beat Homecoming King

Explore the Cabin and House

Before heading out into the wilds, be sure to check the cabin and nearby house for equipment. You’ll find a crossbow and Amulet. There’s also a shovel nearby to use as a melee weapon.

Once you’ve collected these items, head to the nearby vehicle. Drive to the objective marker.

Kandarian Dagger & Necromonicon

Grab the Kandarian Dagger and fight off the basic deadites that spawn. You should only engage those that you need to on your way back to your vehicle. Drive to Knowby Cabin and collect the Necronomicon, where you will become locked within the area.

Eliminate all the enemies to progress. Your melee attacks should be a last resort. These basic deadites will go down fairly swiftly with headshots from your crossbow.

Head to the Sewage Treatment Plant

After defeating all the emenies the next stop is the Sewage Treatment Plant. There’s a Legendary Crossbow available here, along with ammunition. Once collected, get back into the car and head towards the Rift.

Survive Against Evil Ash for 1 Minute

The next part of the mission is unusual. You don’t have the defeat Evil Ash, but simply survive for one minute. The fight is in quite a tight space. An advisable tactic is to lure some basic enemies in with you. This will allow you to concentrate on fighting them instead, using special attacks to make you invulnerable for a few seconds while the animation plays out.

Once the minute has passed a cutscene will play. Head back outside and jump into the nearest car.

Head to Payne Manor

Once you arrive at the next destination you’ll find a bunch of deadites glowing red. Eliminate all of these (they’ll be marked on the map). Once done, grab Arthur’s Fabled Sword and continue to the next objective marker. It’s better to drive if your car is still intact.

Use the portal, enter the room and you’ll see another cutscence.

Deadite Fight Pit

This section is relatively simple, but can be annoying. Try to keep your distance as much as possible, aiming for headshots with the Legendary Crossbow. It’s important not to sustain too much damage in this fight. If he gets too close, use heavy attacks and dodges.

Once defeated, another cutscene will introduce the final part of the mission.

Defeat Evil Ash

Evil Ash is a difficult fight. The enemy uses a life drain attack which renders you immobile. He can also summon basic deadites, but these have extremely low health and should be quick to cut down.

Here’s some basic tips for the fight:

  • Remember to use Amulets and Cola: Keep an eye on your health bar and shield. A single amulet can take the entire damage of Evil Ash’s life drain attack. You won’t need these items after these battle, so use them at will.
  • Use Heavy Attacks: You’re not going to be getting in combos here, so use heavy attacks where possible. These can deal a lot of damage when compared to light attacks.
  • Use the Legendary Crossbow when at range: You don’t need to charge in for melee attacks. The Legendary Crossbow can deal a fair amount of damage, and considerably more when you land a headshot.

And that completes this guide for how to beat Homecoming King! If you’re struggling with any other missions, be sure to check out our complete Evil Dead: The Game guide!