The Evil Dead: The Game single-player missions can be incredibly challenging. You might need some guidance. And that’s exactly what this guide on how to beat Kill ‘Em All, the third mission in the game, is for! In Kill ‘Em All you’ll come up against the Army of Darkness, armed with very little to fight against them.

If you’ve come in to learn more about the game, be sure to check out our Evil Dead: The Game review. If you’re just here to learn how to beat Kill ‘Em All, the third single-player mission in the game, then read on!

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How to Beat Kill ‘Em All

The Kill ‘Em All mission presents some unique challenges. Preserving your ammo and resources are vital as always. However, doing the whole thing in the time limit is very challenging. In this guide we’ll offer the best tactics to tackle the scenario.

Loot Faison Farm

As soon as you begin a twelve minute timer begins ticking down. Quickly loot your starting point to find ammo, three cans of Shemp’s Cola, some matches and three Amulets. As soon as you have these supplies head to the car. Be wary of the tree on the West side that might swipe at you.

Drive the Oldsmobile Without Crashing

This is important. Because the timer is so ruthless you want to use the car for as long as possible. However, right from the start it’s not in good condition. Crashing it into something or being hit by a deadite risks breaking it permanently. Take the main roads to the marked destination, being careful not to hit anything. Park a distance from the target and run the last few meters so the car doesn’t get damaged during the upcoming fight.

Fight the Railway Loop Deadites

Once you’re at the wheatfield near Railway Loop you’ll have to kill 12 basic enemies. There’s ammunition available at the platform near the top. Try to pick off the deadites that spawn in; a single headshot should kill each one. However, they can also spawn in behind you. Dispatch those that do with melee attacks. Use your finisher, as other they will explode when defeated.

Drive to the Next Destination

The next area is a field between Dead End and Royal Oak Cemetery. Again, make sure you’re very careful not to damage your Oldsmobile. Take the main road, as even though it’s not a straight line, you’re less likely to hit anything. Again, park a little way from the field so you don’t damage the care in battle. Run the last few meters.

Grab the Fire Axe and Ammo

There are several common melee weapons for you to grab nearby. Wee suggest the fire axe. It’s got slightly better stats and a single standard attack will leave the enemy vulnerable to a takedown. Alternatively, a single heavy attack will kill basic enemies instantly. Collect the nearby ammo and head to the marker to begin the second wave.

Ammunition conservation is much more important in this wave. Use your axe to when possible, being cautious of exploding enemies once again. If you have to shoot aim for the head to get an instant kill. During this fight a mini-boss will show up. Avoid it as much as possible, clearing out the basic enemies before concentrating on the mini-boss.

The mini-boss can do massive damage with every strike. Yet still, as good as your Rifle is, you’ll want to use your axe for this fight to preserve the ammo for what’s next. Dodge sideways rather than backwards when it lunges at you, and you’ll be able to follow up with at least one melee attack. When it crackles with electricity pick any direction and run; it’s about to bring lightning down on your location for massive damage, so get out fast. Dodging isn’t necessary if you just keep moving.

The mini-boss can also create a clone of itself that has far less health but all the same attacks. Kill it as soon as you see it.

Drive to the Third Destination

After defeating the mini-boss head to the last location, Fairview Campground. This is the last location, so you won’t need the Oldsmobile after this point. If it’s already trashed, cut across the wilderness and sprint as much as possible. You’ll want as much time for the final fight as you can get. If your fear is going up rapidly start a fire en route to get yourself under control.

At Fairview Campground is some ammo and an Amulet. Ignore the spear lying invitingly nearby – we still think the fire axe is the superior melee weapon. Once you’re ready, head to the marker and the final battle begins. Hopefully you’ll still have at least four minutes for this section. If it’s three or less, you’ll need to be fast.

Kill the Boss

For the final challenge you’ll battle three basic enemies and the Eligos boss simultaneously. Start with melee attacks on the basic Deadites so they’re out of the way. Eligos is a largely ranged monster that teleports around the battlefield. Each time it does, there’s about a second’s pause before it fires a projectile at Ash. Dodge to the side. Eligos will then have a couple of seconds cooldown for you to retaliate. Occasionally Eligos will teleport right next to you and try to do a melee attack for massive damage. Dodge and ignore any chance to counter, as it can also follow-up and quickly end your game.

If you run out of ammunition you’ll have trouble. Eligos’ short cooldown means you’ll struggle to melee it before it teleports away.

Once you defeat Eligos, that’s the Kill ‘Em All mission beaten! Be sure to check out our Evil Dead: The Game guides for tips on how to beat If You Love Someone, Set Them Free… With A Chainsaw! and how to beat Party Down, the first and second missions respectively.