Platform games have seen a significant resurgence of late. Particularly in the retro-styled 2D scene. Super Perils of Baking is one such title that fits well into this mould. It’s a game that will immediately feel familiar to any gamer worth their salt. Yet, as this Super Perils of Baking review will demonstrate, that alone does not make for an award-winning experience.

The game offers up a fairly interesting story about a family in love with food preparation. Mums and dads, aunts and uncles, grandparents and cousins. The entire extended family are culinary creatives. As such, two brothers about to set off to college decide to become bakers. They are top of their class – though of course, one has to be picked for 1st place, and the other 2nd. The lesser brother decides to use a magic chefs hat to give him the extra mettle needed to get ahead. However, as can be expected, the hat soon makes everything turn sour.

The story is told elegantly. Soft pixel art and rhyming verse set the scene wonderfully. Sadly, this is the only unique aspect of Super Perils of Baking. Beyond this intro you’ll struggle to find anything worthy of note.

Super Perils of Baking screenshot

Super Perils of Baking is a formulaic platform game. It takes aspect from numerous different leaders of the genre and merges them into one enjoyable, yet certainly derivative game. The evolving power-ups from Super Mario Bros.; the minecart levels from Donkey Kong Country; the super hard hidden levels from Super Mario World. All of these and more have been applied to Super Perils of Baking wholesale.

It’s a surprisingly challenging experience. Not Carnage in Space: Ignition or Cuphead levels of difficulty by any means, but certainly more frustrating than Ayo the Clown. And of course, significantly less innovative than any of these titles.

Super Perils of Baking screenshot

Despite the basic gameplay loop being well worn, Super Perils of Baking adds a fair bit of icing on top for completionists. Each level holds a secret to find, the letters B-A-K-E to collect, a par time for completion and a ‘flawless run’ medal. Given the respectable difficulty challenge, obtaining all of these accolades on every level is certainly no easy task.

So while Super Perils of Baking doesn’t offer anything original, that’s not to say it’s bad. As you may have realised from this Super Perils of Baking review, it’s just quite simply a game that doesn’t detour from the path at any point. If you’re looking for a new platforming challenge then Super Perils of Baking is an easy recommendation, however with the indie scene being flooded with similar titles at present it would be hard to say you couldn’t find better.

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