Welcome to Chit Hot’s Bright Memory Infinite Achievement Guide. Bright Memory Infinite is an FPS developed by FYQD Studio, and is available now for Xbox Series X|S and PC. The game is also due to release on PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch in due course. In this Bright Memory Infinite Achievement guide you’ll learn how to earn 100% of all the Achievements for the Xbox Series X|S and Steam edition of the game. However, the PlayStation 5 edition will also likely host a similar Trophy list upon release.

Bright Memory Infinite is a sci-fi FPS with a hefty dash of Chinese mythology. The game is an incredibly slick presentation, albeit a rather short one. Chit Hot’s Bright Memory Infinite review labelled the game: “a wonderfully enjoyable experience.”

The game comes highly recommended, so if you haven’t jumped in yet give it some serious consideration. And if you have, well, read on for that 100% completion!

Bright Memory Infinite Achievement Guide

Bright Memory Infinite Achievement Guide

Bright Memory Infinite’s Achievements aren’t too challenging. There are two which require you to finish the game on the harder difficulty settings, but both of these can be earned by simply selecting the last level from the chapter select (after initial completion) and finishing that mission on the required difficulty alone. Aside from this, there are two mission-specific Achievements to watch out for: ‘None Shall Survive’ and ‘Bullseye’.

We recommend playing through the game on your preferred difficulty at first. Once initial completion has been made, you can use the chapter select to go back and mop-up any Achievements you may have missed, plus the weapon-specific challenges.

Estimated completion time for the first playthrough is around two hours. The full 1,000G could be yours in well under five hours, depending on your progress with the above two mission-specific Achievements.

Bright Memory Achievements

Power Balance 

30G – Defeat the Tian Yu Emperor

This is the game’s first boss battle. The Tian Yu Emperor will charge at you fast, slashing you with his sword and hitting you with projectiles. When he comes in close be ready to block and parry, opening him up to your own sword attacks and shotgun fire. Be sure to use the dodge button, and when you’re low on health back off and keep your guard up to give it a chance to replenish.

Fallen General 

30G – Kill the Tian Yu Emperor

Your second encounter with the Tian Yu Emperor takes place within a larger arena, so you’ve more room to evade attacks more efficiently. Keep your distance and attack with the assault rifle’s special ammo, or keep him at bay with the sniper rifle. Aside from this, the fight should be pretty straightforward.

Battlefield Veteran 

30G – Kill the Giant King

The Giant King can cover a lot of ground, closing any distance you make very rapidly. Instead, try to use weapons which have a small stun effect. For this boss, that’s all special ammo and the shotgun.

Burning Bridges 

30G – Kill the Six-armed Emperor

The final boss battle, the Six-armed Emperor, is a formidable demon with a variety of different attacks. The ideal strategy here is to keep your distance, block when necessary, and simply expend all of your ammunition. It’s actually easier to make some ground here than in the Giant King battle, so move about quickly and be sure to expend any special ammo you’ve collected.


50G – Clear the game

Finish the game at any difficulty. This will unlock upon defeating the Six-armed Emperor. This will also unlock the ‘Revenge’ difficulty.

Bitter Rivals 

80G – Clear the game on “Revenge” difficulty

Finish the game on ‘Revenge’ difficulty, which can be done simply by selecting the final level during the chapter select and completing that alone.


100G – Clear the game on “Hell” difficulty

Finish the game on ‘Hell’ difficulty, which can be done simply by selecting the final level during the chapter select and completing that alone.


30G – Sever 50 enemy limbs using weapons or skills

It’s highly likely that you’ll unlock this achievement early on. Using your Light Blade simply attack enemies and more often than not their limbs will separate from their bodies.

Matchless Warrior 

35G – Sever 100 enemy limbs using weapons or skills

See above.

The Heat is On 

30G – Defeat 20 enemies using flame-type weapons or skills

The special ammunition for your shotgun will set enemies alight. Just be certain that you defeat them using the flame, rather than the impact (i.e. fire at the floor in front of them). You’ll most likely unlock this in the first playthrough.

None Shall Survive 

20G – Kill 15 people without being spotted by the enemy in the infiltration mission in “Surrounded”

From the very beginning of the level you’re armed with only a meat cleaver; this is your cue. There are 16 enemies that you can kill silently during the section, however the final segment sees a guard approaching two others. It’s possible to take him out quickly before he joins the other two nearby, however this is also the biggest risk to your streak. It’s best to ignore this guard as there is the perfect amount otherwise.

NOTE: You cannot simply restart a checkpoint should you be detected. You will need to restart the entire level.

Extreme Skills 

40G – Activate “Counter” 50 times

To initiate a Counter you’ll need to block with your sword just before an enemy melee attack. If you’ve done so correctly the attacking foe will be staggered, opening them up to a counter attack. During a single playthrough you’ll likely hit fifty of these, meaning you’ll probably need at least two playthroughs to accumulate 100.


50G – Activate “Counter” 100 times

See above.


50G – Use “Defend” to deflect 20 enemy bullets

This works the same as the counter manoeuvre, only against projectile attacks. You’ll know when this has worked, because you’ll see bullets sent back towards your enemies, sometimes killing them. You’ll easily get this within the first level or two.

Peerless Warrior 

30G – Defeat 80 enemies using any skill

Shelia’s skills encompass her Tractor Beam tether, which pulls enemies towards her, and the EMP. As you collect Reliquaries (see below) you’ll be able to unlock further skills giving you more options. Honestly though, you’ll likely get 80 kills for the during one playthrough. 150 kills will almost definitely take two playthroughs.

Herculean Strength 

40G – Defeat 150 enemies using any skill

See above.


10G – Destroy 5 enemy vehicles with missiles during the car chase

Arguably one of the most difficult Achievements in the game. This can be easy to miss as there are really only five opportunities to blow up the vehicles during this sequence. You’ll need to really focus on steadying your aim and making sure your projectiles hit their targets. If by the end of the car chase this hasn’t unlocked, reload the mission and start again.

Get Rich 

30G – Acquire 20 “Reliquaries”

Reliquaries are little green sculptures which appear throughout the game. Keep a look out for these skill point collectible, and you’ll easily find 50 during a couple of playthroughs. They’re required for upgrading skills and weapons, too, so you’ll want to collect as many of these as you can.

Get Richer 

40G – Acquire 50 “Reliquaries”

See above.

Get Richest 

50G – Acquire 100 “Relics”

You’ll find Relics inside breakable wooden crates and upon killing random enemies. For every ten Relics you gather, you’ll also get a Reliquary. You’ll most likely gather way over 100 on your first playthrough.


8G – Unlock “Blade Slash – Whirlwind: Lv.3”

Collect approx. 10 Reliquaries, then spend them all on the ‘Blade Slash – Whirlwind’ skill under the ‘Light Blade’ tab of the ‘SRO Skill Enhancement System’ menu. Go to ‘Giant Blade Slash’ and unlock it for three Reliquaries, then max out the ‘Blade Slash -Whirlwind’ skill.

Flames in the Sky 

7G – Unlock “Rocket Punch: Lv.3”

As above, but from the ‘SRO Skill Enhancement System’ menu, go to the ‘Exo Unit’ tab and unlock the ‘Shock Punch’ ability, then upgrade the ‘Rocket Punch’ ability.

Bright Memory Weapon Achievements

If you’re switching between weapons regularly, by the time you reach your first completion you’ll be close to earning 50 kills for each weapon. By the time you’re on a second run, you’ll start unlocking the ‘Silver’ weapon milestones. Racking up 150 kills with the assault rifle and shotgun, and 100 kills with the handgun and sniper rifle, will take you two or three playthroughs.

AR Silver 

15G – Defeat 80 enemies using your rifle

See above.

AR Gold 

30G – Defeat 150 enemies using your rifle

See above.

SG Silver 

15G – Defeat 80 enemies using your shotgun

See above.

SG Gold 

30G – Defeat 150 enemies using your shotgun

See above.

HG Silver 

15G – Defeat 50 enemies using your handgun

See above.

HG Gold 

30G – Defeat 100 enemies using your handgun

See above.

SR Silver 

15G – Defeat 50 enemies using your sniper rifle

See above.

SR Gold 

30G – Defeat 100 enemies using your sniper rifle

See above.

That concludes this Bright Memory Infinite Achievement Guide! Did you manage to get every Achievement? Let us know in the comments below!