Redout is a popular futuristic racing game which made its debut on PC back in 2016. Since then the title has seen releases on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and even OS X. However, all has been quiet on the follow-up front. Until now, as Redout: Space Assault has finally broken cover.

Redout: Space Assault screenshot

Perhaps somewhat bizarrely given the popularity of the original title, Redout: Space Assault is going to present an entirely different experience. No longer a racing title, developer 34BigThings has opted to create a space shooter instead of a direct follow-up.

The original Redout is an anti-gravity racing game set in the year 2560. Players compete in the Solar Redout Racing League (SRRL) piloting one of a selection of crafts. Each ship has distinct characteristics such as acceleration, top speed, grip, structural integrity and more. Players can customise their ship by installing upgrades, and choosing passive and active powerups from the six of each available.

Redout: Space Assault exists in the same universe as its predecessor and will act as a prequel. The game will be a single-player sci-fi shooter that takes the best features of the original – fast pacing and high-skill gameplay – and combines them with new weapons and spaceflight mechanics. The title will also feature a full vehicle customisation system and a wide variety of missions with roguelike elements.

“We are thrilled to deliver another exciting chapter of the Redout saga. Redout: Space Assault is an adrenaline-filled space shooter with a captivating story that will uncover the mysteries behind the reckless AG races of the original Redout,” said Valerio Di Donato, CEO of 34BigThings.

34BigThings, the Italian studio behind the award-winning futuristic racer Redout, will launch Redout: Space Assault on 22nd January 2021, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam. You can view the official trailer for the game below.

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