GoldenEye 007 is back! The Nintendo 64 classic is now playable for gamers on Xbox Game PassNintendo Switch Online or owners of Rare Replay. However, for those who can’t remember how to tackle the many objectives of the single-player missions, we’ve prepared a GoldenEye 007 Walkthrough Guide: Bunker 2! This article will cover everything you need to know to complete the ninth level, Bunker 2, on Agent, Secret Agent and 00 Agent difficulties.

Bunker 2 is a straight-up stealth mission. In order to take on the Secret Agent and 00 Agent difficulties, you’re going to have to learn to use Throwing Knives to stay silent.

Primary Objectives:

A: Compare staff/casualty lists (Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
B: Recover CCTV Tape
C: Disable all security cameras (Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
D: Recover Goldeneye Operations manual (00 Agent)
E: Escape with Natalya

GoldenEye 007 Walkthrough Guide: Bunker 2 – Agent

You begin the mission trapped in the Bunker Prison Cell. You’ll meet Natalya for the first time. Once her dialogue has finished (or during, if you want to be rude) equip your watch magnet and use it while facing the key on the wall opposite your cell.

Watch the guard’s movements. Wait until he reaches your cell, then turns away. Quickly open the cell door and run to him. The guard will make a threat, squat down, and start shooting. When he kneels down, you kneel down behind him, and slap him to death. slapping! You’ll get a KF7 Soviet and a cell key.

The cell key unlocks Natalya’s cell. Do so, and open the door that leads out of the prison area Take a left. There are guards patrolling all around here, so take caution as you move. Head up the stairs on the let and then take a right. Plenty of guards are here, but in particular you’re looking to take out the one armed with two Kloobs. He’ll drop a keycard you need later.

Run through the next door and take a right. Take a right at the next fork, then go into the next door on your right. A guard is in here protecting the CCTV Tape. Collect it (Objective A: Completed) and leave.

Head back to the hallway, take a left, then a right. Into the control room, where there are many, many guards. No need to stand and fight, simply run for the door opposite. Open the door with the keycards you got form the dual Klobbs guard, and run up the stairs to exit (Objective B: Complete).

It doesn’t matter whether Natalya is with you or not. As long as you let her out of her cell and she didn’t die, you’ll complete the mission.

GoldenEye 007 Walkthrough Guide: Bunker 2

GoldenEye 007 Walkthrough Guide: Bunker 2 – Secret Agent & 00 Agent

Before we begin, an important note to remember is that if an alarm ever goes off, you’re better off restarting the level.

As on Agent difficulty, you’ll start in a prison cell. Use your watch magnet to attract the key, exit and kill the guard. However, don’t let Natalya out of her cell. We’ll come back for her later.

Before you exit the area, look into the drain in your cell. Use the watch magnet and you’ll receive some Throwing Knives. These are important on Secret Agent and 00 Agent.

Walk over to the door and look through the glass. There’ll be a guard patrolling. Wait until he leaves and step into the hall. Step around the corner, and wait for the guard to come back. Use a Throwing Knife to take him out.

Once he goes down, grab his ammo, then move back into the corner. There are a total of four guards – including the one you just killed – patrolling this area.

Once they’re all eliminated walk down that other hallway until you get to the stairs. Don’t go up immediately, just wait at the corner. Guards will eventually come your way, so be ready with those Throwing Knives. As with Agent difficulty, take note of the guard with two Klobbs. He drops a keycard you will need.

After several attempted ambushes, all of the guards in the hall should be defeated. Walk up the stairs, take a right, and walk up to the door of the room on the right.

Aim through the left pane of glass. You should be able to get a head shot on the guard behind the desk. Run back down the stairs to your ambush spot as more guards will come. Once all of those guards are dead, walk into the room. Look on the table, and grab the Severnaya Staff List. If you find the Casualty List, you’ll complete the objective.

Take a left out of the room, then a right. Go down the hall a little, but not around the corner. Instead, go right up to the corner, and aim your Soviet at the ceiling. There is a hidden drone gun up there.

Once the first drone gun is gone, walk around the corner, then go straight. Position yourself so you can see another drone gun. Shoot it, and walk over to the corner to spy yet another drone gun.

Reequip your Throwing Knives, and go to the corner on your right. There are two guys behind it.

Take a left at the next turn. Walk out into the hall and get ready to run. There is a guard at the far end of this hallway. He’ll fire a warning shot. When you hear the shot, duck back around the corner. That guard will head towards you, so nail him when he comes over.

Once that guard is out of the way, go all the way back past the drone guns. Back to where you found the staff list. Then, go through that door. You have to go back this way, because otherwise a camera will see you. Walk over to the corner, then lean out. Shoot the camera.

Walk into the long hallway, and take the first door on the right. Don’t open it. Instead, move into a position so that the door is on your left. Aim your KF7 Soviet and open the door. Shoot the camera as soon as you see it.

Walk around the corner, taking a right. Using your KF7 Soviet, head shot the guard through the glass. Head inside and grab the CCTV tape. (Objective B: Completed).

Stay in this room and open the big door. Shoot the camera in the ventilation shaft quickly, as this one will locate you faster than the others. Go on through the other door to the shaft and back into the long hallway. Take that other door into the computer room.

Go through the first door, but not the second. Instead, aim through the left pane of glass. You should be able to get a headshot on the guard. Once he’s dead, there is also a video camera on the left wall in this room, and a Safe Key.

Run back through the keycard door, back to the hallway with the jail cells. Turn left and look through the windows on the door to your left. Take aim with the KF7 Soviet, look through the glass, and take out the guard behind the table with a headshot.

There are two other soldiers in that room, so run into cover and switch to your Throwing Knives. Ambush the guards as they come over, then return to the room. Look behind the table to find another Safe

Open the safe, take the Goldeneye Operations Manual (Objective D: Completed), and two Silenced PP7s. Things will be a bit easier now.

Open the door on your left. There’s a video camera as the end of the hall, so use caution and be quick to remove it. Two guards will likely come for you, and one will drop a keycard.

Open the door at the end of the hall, but not the second. Instead, aim through that door. Look to the right and headshot the guard by the boxes. Other guards will come for you, so run all the way back down that long hall to the room with the safe. Go around the next corner, and wait for either one, two, or three enemies to come after you.

Once those guys are done for, go all the way back to the warehouse room. Open the door, and look to your left. There might be a guard over there. If you’re playing on Secret Agents there will be a Body Armour on the right. Be cautious of the alcoves on the left as there may be guards lurking in them.

Once all the guards have been eliminated, head to where the guard by the boxes was. He will have dropped the Casualty List (Objective A: Completed). Exit the room through the opposite door. Only open the first door, then aim through the glass, and take out the video camera.

GoldenEye 007 Walkthrough Guide: Bunker 2

Thankfully, you no longer need to be overly stealthy. Head to the control room; go through the door,
around the corner, up the stairs, down the hall, and down the next stairs.

As you approach, fire at the enemies guarding the door. Once the guards see you, run back up the stairs, and around the nearest corner. Wait to ambush them; three should come. Repeat this process until you can no longer see any guards.

Enter the room and look across at the raised alcove. There will be a camera to take out up there (Objective C: Completed).

Head back to the prison and let out Natalya, then back into the control room. Natalya will say something and run up to the place where that video camera was. Natalya will announce that the Goldeneye Satellite is about the fire on Severnaya.

Run through the exit door, and up the stairs (Objective E: Completed).

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