PLAYISM has announced that Bright Memory: Infinite has received a major update. FYQD-Studio’s single-player FPS is available on PC, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch, brings an all-new ‘Perspective-assist mode’. Players can now see Shelia’s model to be displayed in-game, with the perspective shifting back to first-person when using skills or iron sights.

Bright Memory: Infinite launched late last year, and was met with significant critical acclaim. Your own Chit Hot delivered a Bright Memory: Infinite review at launch, stating: “It demands the player be tactical as they dance between their rapidly depleting ammo resources and the need to recharge their sword. It makes for some tense confrontations, even on lower difficulty settings.”

And this, apparently, is the reasoning behind the new ‘Perspective-assist mode’.

Bright Memory: Infinite Perspective-assist mode screenshot

Bright Memory: Infinite Perspective-assist mode Detailed

The game is a fast-paced action experience. The player has a number of unique abilities that can be executed at will. So too, do the enemies. Despite the undeniably high calibre of the game’s presentation, players have been encountering issues wherein reactive dodge maneuvers have left them in more trouble than simply taking a direct hit due to the limited perspective. This would of course hamper players’ ability to unlock all of the game’s Achievements. This new Perspective-assist mode aims to change that, by giving player the option to see Shelia’s surroundings.

Chinese New Year Updates

In addition to the Perspective-assist mode update, a number of new changes have been added to celebrate Chinese New Year. Firstly, PC players will be able to download new DLC costumes for Shelia. Also, during the car chase mission, the tiger doll is replaced by the rabbit doll in recognition of Year of the Rabbit. Finally, a toon rendering model for Shelia is added. It can be toggled by pressing the Home key.

The game is also part of PLAYISM’s Lunar New Year Sale lineup, taking place for two weeks.

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