Last week saw the release of the mobile game Street Fighter: Duel for Android and iOS devices. In what will most likely be the first of many crossovers, developer A PLUS JAPAN has announced a limited-time event will be taking place featuring Monster Hunter. For a couple of weeks, in this Monster Hunter vs Street Fighter: Dual showdown, Gore Magala has invaded this fighting realm.

Between the 16th – 29th March 2023, Street Fighter: Duel players will have access to Gore Magala Ken, a fighter offering both single-target and AOE damage. Part of the Infernal King Faction, if players have any other fighter from the same faction they’ll be granted a buff according to the number of fighters in their team.

Monster Hunter collaboration event_Time Limited Wishes

Gore Magala Ken Characteristics

  • Balanced fighter type
  • Savage fighting style with a + 25 ATK
  • He can be a primary or secondary damage dealer
  • Tetsuzanko supercombo deals massive single-target damage
  • Abilities automatically stack with other fighters when they are comboing

When it comes to fighting Gore Magala, the event will combine Monster Hunter gameplay like consuming food. Called Wycademy Assist, this will supply food to fighters where they’ll receive a certain buff before challenging the boss. A PLUS JAPAN also recommends deploying Gore Magala Ken before the hunt to receive a damage buff for the team.

Fighting the wyvern will give players the chance to win exclusive rewards. Gore Magala has three body parts (wings, claws, and head) to defeat. Each one offers different rewards depending on the damage dealt. This can include the Gore Magala avatar frame, valuable fighters, and Arcade Coins from the Wycademy Supplies

However, to access Gore Magala Ken you’ll need a Wyvern Tear to unlock him. That can only be gained as a reward from the Shadaloo Invasion event.

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