Cassette Beasts, a monster-collecting-and-fusing, open-world RPG is set to make its debut for PC on 26th April. Cassette Beasts debuts on Steam, the Microsoft Store and PC Game Pass before coming later this spring.

Mixing up several gameplay tropes and genres into one, Cassette Beasts is a turn-based brawler where you use cassette tapes to turn into monsters. “On the remote island of New Wirral, people can use cassette tapes to transform into strange creatures and battle,” developer Bytten Studio explains.

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Fuse Cassette Beasts into more powerful forms

But first, you need to explore the island and record the various monsters you encounter onto cassette tapes. Thus you gain their abilities. Over 100 base monsters will be available to find, with this number greatly increasing once you start to fuse two together. Doing so will create powerful new forms with shared elemental types, stats, and move sets. Making for thousands of creature-fusion combos to experiment with. Mix and match as much as you want!

Other features include the use of elemental chemistry to apply advantageous buffs or debuffs to your attacks. Use some monster abilities in human form to solve puzzles as well as glide, fly, swim, climb, dash or turn magnetic when required. You’ll meet teammates along the way, forming bonds to help in fights whilst aiding their own personal goals.

You don’t even need to go it alone. The game will feature a couch co-op mode so you and a mate can explore, transform and battle together. All to colourful ‘80s vibes and a synthy soundtrack.

After its PC launch on 26th April, Cassette Beasts will arrive for Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Xbox Game Pass later this spring.

Cassette Beasts will be published by indie publisher Raw Fury, the team behind Call of the Sea.

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