For those that love fighting games, 2023 is definitely Street Fighters year. Not only do we have Street Fighter 6 coming in June, but the franchise has also made new strides into the virtual reality (VR) market as well as mobile. Because today sees the launch of Street Fighter: Duel, for Android and iOS devices, using in a new paradigm for the franchise.

Street Fighter: Duel is an RPG, card-based title created by A PLUS JAPAN. You combine classic fighters to create unique combo structures and strategies. Fan-favourite characters like Chun-Li, Ryu, Ken and Blanka all make an appearance, and so do stages from previous games.

Street Fighter: Duel

Like most Street Fighter games there’s a loose narrative. Duel’s all about challenging Suzaku Castle and searching for the “mysterious organization behind everything”. The mobile gameplay focuses on six factions of Wind, Thunder, Flame, Infernal, Master, and Legendary, which you combine to defeat different enemies. You’ll have to build your fighters up to be the best, playing with different arrangements across various game modes.

These include character training and arena battles with players from around the world. There will be time-limited bosses to defeat and a PVP ‘Final Showdown’ tournament to really showcase your skills. Furthermore, tailoring to mobile devices, fighters can release their ultimate move once the ‘Super Combo Gauge’ is full with a single tap.

Capcom has revealed that as of yesterday, 27th February, global pre-registrations for Street Fighter: Duel had reached 5 million. Those that did participate in pre-registration got a limited Avatar Frame, Fighter Mystery Pack, Arcade Coin and more.

Street Fighter: Duel is out now for iOS and Android devices for free, with in-app purchases available.

Will you be playing the mobile game, or have you pre-ordered Street Fighter 6? Let us know in the comments below.

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