In six hours, Heaven will be destroyed – unless you can save it. Yogscast Games has announced The Holy Gosh Darn, a comedy adventure with a time-travelling twist, will be coming to PC and consoles in late 2023.

From the creators of Manual Samuel and Helheim HassleThe Holy Gosh Darn is a narrative adventure that puts players in the role of an angel named Cassiel. You must prevent an army of Phantoms from overrunning Heaven. Which is really annoying, because that’s where you live.

The Holy Gosh Darn screenshot

You’ll discover the existence of a mysterious artefact created by God thousands of years ago. With this, you must strap on your time-travelling watch and set about hopping between the past, present and future. Along the way you’ll meet a cast of ridiculous characters across dynamically changing locations in a bid to uncover the secret to life, universe and… well, everything.

Players can use their powers of time travel to jump freely through time across Heaven, Hell, Earth and Helheim. Uncover information in one timeline to alter things in another in a bid to stop your universe from going bang. Again. Yogscast Games promise outrageous humour, inventive puzzles and laugh-out-loud set pieces with Metroidvania-style progression.

The Holy Gosh Darn Trailer

The Holy Gosh Darn will feature four different worlds to explore, across both space and time. Players will engage with a unique time-pressured narrative, requiring them to hurry along NPCs as they uncover new information. Along the way they’ll meet with 23 Heavenly Elders as they uncover fresh narrative strands.

“I’ve always admired Perfectly Paranormal for their ingenious ideas and laugh-out-loud humour, and The Holy Gosh Darn looks set to take this even further with its hilarious approach to time travel,” said Simon Byron, Director of Publishing at Yogscast Games. “If you’ve ever wanted to play a game that stars an angel with a magic, upgradeable time-travelling watch, well… you’re going to love it.”

The Holy Gosh Darn is set to launch in late 2023 for PC and consoles. It’s not yet been specified which console formats the game will arrive on, but at this point in the console cycle you’d be hard to bet against all currently supported PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Nintendo Switch, though? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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