Launching today across a multitude of formats, Dead Island 2 arrives in pretty good shape. It is very much a direct sequel to the original game, as you’ll learn from Chit Hot’s Dead Island 2 review. But if that’s what you were hoping for, you won’t be disappointed. And with that comes a wealth of opportunity for zombie butt-kicking. But it’s not without it’s challenges, so we’ve prepared a rundown of things you should be considering before diving into Dead Island 2.

Kick ‘Em While They’re Down

Unsurprisingly for a game about zombies, you’ll find corpses everywhere. Sometimes, these corpses will spring to un-life. A quick swift kick is a good way to test whether or not they’ll try to bite your ankles as you pass. Or worse yet, clamber to their feet when your back is turned.

You could always hit them with your melee weapon, but that will incur damage to it. Instead, the functional kick button is as useful here as the exact same tactic was in the original Dead Island.

Dropkick ‘Em While They’re Up

And on the subject of kicking, there’s a new move in Dead Island 2 that is a very nice addition. Some way into the first true mission in the game you’ll unlock the dropkick. This move can be customised as you get further into the game, but whether you choose force or damage is irrelevant. What it does either way is to give you an advantage when entering each new combat.

Every attack on an enemy should be started with a dropkick. The move does have a recoup delay for the player, but no matter which variant of the Skill Card you have equipped, your pause will be significantly shorter than that of any enemy your feet collide with.

Dead Island 2 screenshot

Don’t Play with the Hand You’re Dealt

On the subject of Skill Cards, you should be sure to experiment to find the right build. Dead Island 2 offers six playable characters with varying stats, but this won’t really be much of a concern on your first playthrough. You can’t change characters mid-game, so you’re not going to know what you’re gaining or missing through said choice. However, Skill Cards can be used to boost strengths or prop-up weaknesses. As well as added some interesting effects to basic actions.

The Skill Cards that you unlock can be changed at will whenever you feel like it without penalty. Do so regularly to find the combination that suits you best.

If you build it, they will come

Mods. Mod everything. Fire. Acid. Electric. It’s all groovy.

Weapon customisation is a little more limited in Dead Island 2 than its predecessors. However, it’s also much more approachable. Find a blueprint, head to a workbench and build it into an on-hand weapon. Without fail, it will significantly improve whatever you’re wielding.

The earliest modifications you’ll unlock will be the likes of the electricity mod, which zaps zombies and stuns them. But there’s also other ways of achieving the same effect.

Dead Island 2 is Littered with Environmental Traps

If you see a canister with a hazard symbol, throw something at it. If there’s water on the floor, check around for a battery or a generator. There are always obvious signs for how to increase the damage you do to hordes with minimal effort. If you’re struggling, don’t be ashamed to break away from a fight and search the area. And be sure to use the bait you’ll earn early in the game to draw the zombies into a trap. All except the big boys, that is…

Are you picking up Dead Island 2 today? Are you excited to visit ‘Hell-A’ this weekend? Let us know in the comments below!

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