Publisher Kalypso Media has announced that The Dust’s upcoming dark fantasy adventure game, The Inquisitor, will be released in 2024. A dark fantasy adventure game, The Inquisitor is set in an alternate-history version of the 1500s, in which Jesus did not die for our sins, but instead broke free from the cross and killed the non-believers. Gruesome.

Centuries after Jesus’ failed crucifixion an army of zealot Inquisitors continue to enforce their so-called Holy Law. In The Inquisitor, players will take on the role of Mordimer Madderdin, an inquisitor in the service to the Church of Christ Vengeful. You will commence your journey in Koenigstein, a city plagued with sin and religious transgression. Here, it is your duty to investigate its corruption and crimes. Use strategic sleuthing to track down and interrogate suspects, piece together the evidence or even resort to brute force. Your judgement awaits.

However, crime is not the only darkness that has seeped into the walls of the city. Unbeknownst to those around him, Mordimer can enter the mysterious Unworld. Here, he can uncover the secrets that lie deep within the souls of the depraved. And yet, deeper still, another form of evil resides here, and it is trying to enter the world of the living.

The Inquisitor is at its core a story-driven fantasy adventure game with a focus on detective elements. This adds action and puzzle mechanics to the mix.

The Inquisitor screenshot

The Inquisitor PC, PS5 & Xbox Release Date

Announced last year, The Inquisitor was originally expected to release in 2023. However, the game has now been confirmed for launch next year. Given the packed slate of releases coming in the last few weeks of the year, it would be hard to blame Kalypso Media for not wanting to go up against the bigger budget titles.

The game is set to launch on the 8th of February, 2024, on Windows PC, Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5. Are you feeling inquisitive about The Inquisitor? We’ll have more coming for you very soon.

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