The Materia Guardian is the main boss of the Nibelheim Episode in the first Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth demo. This same boss exists in the final release also. So if you’re coming here after the launch of the game, this guide for how to beat the Mater Guardian in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth will still offer everything you need to know! Read on to learn how to beat the Materia Guardian boss, including all of its weaknesses.

How to Find the Materia Guardian

The Materia Guardian can be encountered at the Appraisal Drilling Site – 2F of Mt. Nibel, during the mission, Fall of a Hero in Nibelheim. It is a story boss, meaning that you need to defeat in order to reach the Nibel Mako Reactor.

How to Beat the Materia Guardian

How to Beat the Materia Guardian

The Materia Guardian has several phases to fight through. As with many of the tougher enemies in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, your new Synergy Skills will give you an important advantage. Before we dive deep into the tactics for how to beat the Materia Guardian, here’s a breakdown of its strengths and weaknesses.

Materia Guardian Weaknesses, Resistances, and Immunities

Lesser ResistancesNone
Greater ResistancesNone
ImmunitiesProportional Damage, Berserk, Slow, Stop, Silence, Sleep, Petrify, Stone, Morphable Items
Absorbed ElementsNone

And with that out of the way, here’s the process required for each phase of the Materia Guardian boss fight.

Materia Guardian Phase 1 – Break the Legs

The Materia Guardian has three phases to fight through. In the first phase, it will try to grab you. However, you can remove this attack from its repertoire entirely by simply targeting it’s hind legs. When either Cloud of Sephiroth gets grabbed, use your aerial combos to attack the leg that grabbed them.

Once the Materia Guardian is staggered, use Cloud’s Focused Thrust skill and the Voidshatter Synergy Skill with Sephiroth.

Materia Guardian Phase 2 – Aim High

Once you’ve pushed through the first phase, the Materia Guardian will launch itself onto the ceiling. From there, it will use ranged attacks to keep you at bay. Use Sephiroth’s Fire Materia to damage its legs and bring it down to ground level.

Upon impact with the floor the Materia Guardian will be stunned for a few seconds. This is your opening to attack.

The Counterfire Synergy Skill is also useful during this phase. If timed properly, it can be used to fully block damage.

How to Beat the Materia Guardian in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Materia Guardian Phase 3 – Bring it Down

In its third phase, the Materia Guardian will retreat onto some pipes preventing you from getting in melee range. Use Double Helix to bring it down. Cloud will get a significant boost to his Limit Break Gauge and Sephiroth will get unlimited MP, but only for a short time.

Once again, it will be stunned momentarily. Attack with Cloud or Sephiroth and use whatever tricks you have in your arsenal – including your ATB Gauges.

If you fill Cloud’s Limit Break Gauge, you will be able to use a special Limit Break: Ascension. Sephiroth can spam fire spells during the duration of his unlimited MP.

And that’s it! Everything you need to beat the Materia Guardian boss fight! Now it’s time for the rewards.

Materia Guardian Boss Fight Rewards

Materia Guardian Rewards

That completes this guide for how to beat the Materia Guardian in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth! If you’re struggling with any other aspect of the game, be sure to check out our living Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth walkthrough guide.