Publisher Versus Evil has announced the release date for Broken Roads. The upcoming narrative-driven RPG will launch on PC, PlayStation and Xbox consoles next month, with pre-orders available now.

Broken Roads is the debut title from indie studio Drop Bear Bytes. Set in a decaying, post-apocalyptic version of the vast Australian Outback, the game features complex storylines with branching quests. Traditional RPG staples are accompanied by a wholly original morality system. Every decision you make shapes the narrative, leading to multiple possible outcomes. From the grand overarching plot to small details, the world is brought to life with dialogues that can make or beak your allegiances. You’ll not only have to survive, but also form bonds and make tough choices that will shape your dangerous journey across the wilds.

Set in the Australian post-apocalyptic outback, players will choose between one of four classes: the Hired Gun, Barter Crew, Jackaroo, and Surveyor. The Surveyor was recently highlighted as an explorer with a drive to discover the world and its secrets. Having always had a curious mind from a young age, the Surveyor now uses their parents’ teachings of navigation and constellations to forge a new path in the wastes, making money by telling people of their discoveries.

Broken Roads screenshot

Broken Roads Release Date

Broken Roads is set to launch on 10th April, 2024. The game will debut on PC, PlayStation and Xbox consoles. A Nintendo Switch edition was previously discussed, however there is no mention of this in recent media communications. Has the Nintendo Switch edition been cancelled, or merely delayed? We’ll have to wait to find out about that one.

However, if you’re a PC, PlayStation or Xbox gamer you can pre-order the game right now. Will you be adventuring through the outback next month? Let us know in the comments below!

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