Earlier this year, Nacon revealed the upcoming launch of Terminator: Survivors. Currently in development for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC, Terminator: Survivors is a new kind of Terminator game. Eschewing the traditional action game formula, Nacon are instead targeting the burgeoning survival games genre. Fans have been intrigued, itching find out when we can experience a post-Judgement Day world for ourselves. And now, Nacon has revealed the exact Terminator: Survivors launch date.

What is Terminator: Survivors?

As stated above, Terminator: Survivors is a survival game. Up to four players can exist in a world together, as they battle against the forces of Skynet. You’ll establish a base, explore and open world and gather resources for survival. All the while acutely aware that an unfeeling killing machine could be lurking around the corner.

The game is set after the first two films. The game will feature an original story that takes place after Judgement Day and before the rise of John Connor’s human resistance.

The actual details on exactly what separates Terminator: Survivors from the constant and aggressive influx of new survival games isn’t exactly clear at this point. However, we do know that the game is being developed by Nacon Studio Milan. This studio was established in 2022, and has thus far only put out two games: TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge 3 and Rims Racing. Neither of which fall into the survival games genre.

Terminator Games: A Brief History

Videogames based on the Terminator movie franchise have a long history. Dating back to 1991, The Terminator was a DOS title that received middling reviews. However, 1991’s arcade and Sega Genesis/Mega-Drive light-gun shooter, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, that was the first game in the franchise to truly garner praise.

Since the early 90s, there have been countless videogames based on the franchise. Bethesda Softworks created two titles, The Terminator: Rampage and The Terminator: Future Shock, in 1993 and 1995, respectively. More recently, Terminator: Guardian of Fate was a virtual reality (VR) game launched in November 2019, as a tie-in to Terminator: Dark Fate.

And of course, we have to address the elephant in the room. The first Terminator game published by Nacon. Terminator: Resistance is the Best Terminator Game You’ve Never Played. Surely, that’s enough said?

Terminator: Survivors screenshot

Terminator: Survivors Launch Date

Terminator: Survivors has an official launch date of 24th October 24, 2024, coinciding with the 40th anniversary of the first film. The game is scheduled to release as an early access PC title via Steam. It is also in development for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, set to release at a later as-yet-unspecified date.

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