Atlanta-based developer Finite Reflection is doubling down on Void Sols. Originally released in late 2022 as a short, one-zone demo, the response was almost 50,000 downloads with player feedback being overwhelmingly positive. Now, partnering with UK publisher Modern Wolf, Finite Reflection is building a fill release version of the Souls-like Shmup.

‘So, it’s just Geometry Wars but harder?’ I hear you say. Well, if publisher Modern Wolf is to be believed, the comparisons run much deeper than this. Void Sols takes players through a top-down shadowy geometric world, challenging them to take down sword-wielding grunts, crafty arrow-flinging fiends and brutal bosses. You can personalise your build as you and uncover the secrets of this subjugated world. The assessment would be a Geometry Wars presentation with a Souls-like gameplay loop.

“I’m excited to see how people will react to Void Sols,” said Freddy Frydenlund, Creative Director at Modern Wolf. “The character design and art style feel like a nod to retro gaming but with an updated look. We’ve worked closely with the artist Anna Hollinrake to bring this world to life and think we’ve created something that will stand out in the Souls-like genre. I hope the public falls in love with the game as much as we have!”

Void Sols Announcement Trailer

As stated above, Void Sols was originally released as a short demo to see if there was enough player interest to develop it into a larger experience. With the desire to see what a full game could achieve, Modern Wolf has come onboard as publisher, providing resources in order to bring that desire for a full game to fruition. To celebrate the announcement, a brand new 70 minute prologue chapter is available to play on Steam now. No release date, nor potential additional formats, have yet been announced.

Do you like the idea of combining Shmup-style presentation with Souls-like gameplay? Let us know in the comments below!

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