If you haven’t heard of Parity Games’ debut title, you’d be forgiven. The game was announced several years ago with an intended 2022 release date. After the initial announcement not much more was said for years. That was until last month, when the developer revealed the Icelandic themed Island of Winds is coming to Xbox consoles in addition to the previously revealed PlayStation 5 and PC versions. So, what exactly is Island of Winds?

Island of Winds screenshot

Island of Winds Setting

Set in a fantastical version of 17th century Iceland, Island of Winds is heavily inspired by Icelandic folklore and mythology. You’ll experience intriguing and dangerous encounters with creatures, ghosts and other inhabitants of the island.

The lead character is Brynhildur the Balance Keeper. After her mentor is abducted, she must go on a journey of discovery. The story driven game is set in a semi-open world environment, where you have to figure out what happened to your people. Of course, this is all done while using your magical abilities to take on numerous mythical creatures from Icelandic folklore.

Island of Winds Gameplay

Given the inspiration for the game, it’ll come as no surprise that Island of Winds will feature dangerous encounters with creatures, ghosts and other inhabitants of the island. However, Parity Games has openly stated that it’s not as simple as blasting everything with your magical abilities. Instead, there’s a focus on approaching encounters with empathy. Wielding the staff of balance, you will be able to cast spells to help creatures and calm hostile adversaries.

Exactly what that means when you come face-to-face with a snarling wolf hungry for blood is not yet known.

The core gameplay involves spellcasting, intriguing puzzles, and fantastical lore. Island of Winds features a semi-open world in which you’ll discover numerous biomes. From seashores and icy paths, to lagoons and highland trails, you will be immersed in a landscape heavily inspired by Icelandic nature. As you explore, you’ll uncover hidden secrets and stories about the island.

Teaser Trailer

Island of Winds Launch Plans

The game is set to be published by ESDigital Games. Since Chit Hot last covered Island of Winds, we’ve heard that the ‘coming soon’ listed on the game’s Steam store page may not be quite as soon as we’d hoped. According to several sources, the game is now intended for a 2025 release. That’s a shame for sure. However, there’s no criticising Parity Games for taking their time to make the game live up to our now lofty expectation!

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