The retro gaming scene is as strong as ever, with developers still producing games for bygone-era consoles. Cronela’s Mansion, the work of Spanish indie developer Straynus, is one of these titles. A spiritual successor to Maniac Mansion, Cronela’s Mansion is gearing up for a launch on old and new platforms alike in 2025.

Cronela's Mansion GBA screenshot

Maniac Mansion is reborn

Depending on your age and how good your memory is you may remember Maniac Mansion. It was a legendary point-and-click adventure released by Lucasfilm in 1987. You can even still find it on Steam!

As mentioned, Cronela’s Mansion is a spiritual successor to this classic, that’s taken Straynus four years to make so far. Heavily inspired by the classic SCUMM engine titles of the late 80s and early 90s, it’ll transport players back to one of the greatest puzzle gaming eras.

21st Century Point & Click

Cronela’s Mansion is an open-world adventure game that puts players in the shoes of Tommy. Explores a sprawling estate, players have clever puzzles to solve, and a colourful cast of characters to interact with. They’ll feature a branching dialogue system through which players will be able to uncover the enigmatic mansion’s many mysteries.

Announcement Trailer

Cronela’s Mansion launch details

Straynus plans to launch Cronela’s Mansion in 2025 for Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, PC, and Nintendo Switch. Before then, the indie developer will launch a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign this summer. Rewards will include a nostalgic big box version of the PC/MS-DOS game on DVD and floppy disk.

“For the past four years, I have been working at Cronela’s Mansion,” said Straynus in a statement. “Creating a point-and-click game for retro systems has been a challenging experience, both physically and mentally, as all versions are programmed and drawn from scratch. The NES version, in particular, has been very difficult to create. Now, I am looking for funding on Kickstarter to be able to produce all the physical material for the games. If you like my work and love retro graphic adventures, it would be amazing to have your support.”

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