Ever wanted to be a thief but without all the unnecessary danger and, you know, the chance of jail? Well, videogames provide plenty of ways to indulge this fantasy. The latest comes from Midnight Works in the form of Urban Thief Simulator: The Ultimate Heist for PS4 next week.

Urban Thief Simulator is a game all about conducting daring heists and planning clever heists. Set within an urban sprawl, your journey into the criminal underworld begins small, breaking into homes and outwitting police. As your skills improve so do the quality of your targets, utilising high-tech tools to break past even the toughest security.

Urban Thief Simulator screenshot1

Urban Thief Simulator on PS4

As a thief, the city is your playground for you to stealthily navigate. Each new successful score will enable you to purchase lockpicks and hacking devices as well as upgrade your core skills.

Urban Thief Simulator features include:

  • Explore interactive environments that invite you to unravel their secrets and meticulously plan your next heist.
  • Execute intricate and intelligent robberies, showcasing your resourcefulness and cunning strategy.
  • Unlock an arsenal of new skills and equipment, allowing you to tailor your thief’s abilities to perfectly suit your personal playstyle.
  • Outmaneuver relentless law enforcement using your agility, creativity, and wit to evade capture and secure your ill-gotten gains.

Urban Thief Simulator: The Ultimate Heist will be available for PS4 from 16th January 2024. Check out the new trailer below to see it in action.

This isn’t the only game Midnight Works has released of late. Its comedic Pigeon Simulator Survival recently launched for PS4 and PS5. This is in addition to the arrival of Buried Alive: Breathless Rescue with the racing game Drift Reign due soon.

Will you be picking up Urban Thief Simulator on launch day? Let us know in the comments below.

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