Welcome to Chit Hot’s Resident Evil Village Walkthrough Guide. This page contains information on the Resident Evil Village Prologue, and includes information on the collectibles you shouldn’t miss.

After the opening cutscene you’ll find yourself in the new family home of Ethan and Mia Winters. Along with their new baby girl, Rosemary. Having survived the events of Resident Evil VII, the couple has been placed into a witness protection program. They are now living a new peaceful life somewhere in Eastern Europe. However, Mia seems loathe to speak of their traumatic incident.

Resident Evil Village Prologue screenshot

With your baby in hand you can explore your home, including several interactive objects. There’s a remote by the TV to turn on some cartoons, some baby books, framed photos, and music CDs in the dining room. In the kitchen, check the fridge for Fridge Memo File. There’s also baby food in the pantry. Out in the hallway, you can see a framed photo of Rose before you head upstairs.

At the top of the stairs, you can inspect a music box on the left, and a bathroom on the right full of Mia’s medication. Head down the nearby hall and you’ll enter the main bedroom where you can drop off Rose to sleep.

Before leaving, be sure to look around for an adjoining den with a computer that holds Ethan’s Diary File, and next to it in a drawer you can find the Medical Checkup Report File.

Resident Evil Village Prologue screenshot

Before heading back downstairs, check out the far room above the stairs to find a newspaper on a table with the Old News Clipping File.

When you’re ready to conclude this prologue, head back to Mia. You will enjoy some dinner, before a familiar old face returns…

This completes the Resident Evil Village Prologue! Head to Chit Hot’s Resident Evil Village Walkthrough Guide main page for the next steps.