CrossfireX launched on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One last week, and has attracted a significant amount of negativity. Following this, the CrossfireX developer – specifically the game’s Executive Producer, Sooro Boo – has offered a ‘heartfelt’ update on the game’s future.

CrossfireX is a online multiplayer FPS designed for military simulation fans. It’s a different beast to the likes of Call of Duty and Battlefield, despite the similarities in appearance. It’s a free-to-play game, and is clearly intended as a live service game with a long lifespan. The strategy appears much like its predecessor, Crossfire.

While CrossfireX is not as bad as the commentary surrounding it would let you believe, it is most certainly flawed. Sooro Boo, often referred to as ‘Mr. Boo’ by the Crossfire community, has offered his apologies for this.

CrossfireX developer

CrossfireX Developer Apology

It’s clear that we have inadvertently disappointed many of our players and fans that have stuck with us for a long time. You mean everything to us and I felt that you deserved more than just a simple patch note, which is why I wanted to take this opportunity to personally apologize for the current state of the game.

Mr. Boo, Executive Producer, Smilegate Entertainment

Along with the apology was offered a number of fixes that will be coming in the short term. The developer has also promised more transparency in the future.

Controller Sensitivity Issues

Random fluctuation of the dead zone radius, input delay, acceleration instability with the right analog stick and aim dropping with no change to the sensitivity settings have all been cited as issues. According to Mr. Boo, all of the development work to resolve these issues is complete and a patch is expected a few weeks earlier than the previously announced date of early March (pending update process).

Balance Improvements for the “Boogieman”

The kill/death streak system is currently implements across all fast-paced maps across all modes. However, the “Boogieman” upgrade didn’t quite go well has and ended up being overpowered. To balance this, the CrossfireX developer will remove the auto-heal feature, as well as the ability to continue earning growth points when playing as the Boogieman. This will be applied in the expedited patch with the control improvements.

CAR-4 ADS Issue

There is an issue where aiming down with CAR-4 and firing can cause you to leave ADS. CAR-4 is one of the starter guns, which is why the CrossfireX developer saw this as an urgent issue. This bug has reportedly been resolved and will also be applied in the next expedited patch.

Have you been playing CrossfireX? Do you think these fixes are enough to save the game from the negativity surrounding it? Let us know in the comments below!

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