Minecraft Dungeons isn’t the most complicated game. However, there are certain aspects that can change the way you play. Artifacts are one of them. So, here we detail all the Minecraft Dungeons Artifacts

Artifacts provide different abilities and each has a different cooldown timing between use. You can equip up to three of them at one time. Some add abilities to ranged attacks, some are defensive and some can summon pets, plus much more besides.

You can obtain Artifacts through random loot drops when killing enemies. You’ll also have a chance of getting an Artifact when completing a stage or when opening chests.

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Minecraft Dungeons Artifacts Detailed

Here’s a list of all the Artifacts currently available in Minecraft Dungeons, listed in alphabetical order. We have also included their cooldown timers to help you make the right choice!

  • Boots of Swiftness – Increases movement speed. Cooldown = 5 seconds.
  • Corrupted Beacon – Beam attack. No cooldown; requires souls. Adds +1 to Soul Gathering.
  • Death Cap Mushroom – Movement and attack speed is greatly increased. Cooldown = 30 seconds.
  • Fireworks Arrow – Fireworks arrow explodes upon hitting an enemy. Cooldown = 30 seconds.
  • Fishing Rod – Pull a nearby enemy to your position. Cooldown = 5 seconds.
  • Flaming Quiver – Provides Burning Arrows when equipped. Cooldown = 30 seconds.
  • Ghost Cloak – Allows the player to move through enemies with increased speed. Cooldown = 6 seconds.
  • Harvester – Explosion of souls. Needs souls, adds +1 Soul Gathering. Cooldown = 1 second.
  • Iron Hide Amulet – Significantly increases defense for a short period of time. Cooldown = 25 seconds.
  • Light Feather – Allows for tumbling through the air. Enemies are stunned and pushed back. Cooldown = 3 seconds.
  • Lightning Rod – Lightning attack. Uses souls, adds +1 Soul Gathering. No cooldown time.
  • Love Medallion – Converts enemies into allies which deal increased damage for 10 seconds. Cooldown = 30 seconds.
  • Shock Powder – Can stun enemies close by. Cooldown = 15 seconds.
  • Soul Healer – Provides instant healing to a heavily wounded ally. Require souls; the more souls used, the more healing applied. Adds +1 Soul Gathering. Cooldown = 1 second.
  • Tasty Bone – Summon a wolf to fight alongside you in battle. Cooldown = 30 seconds.
  • Torment Quiver – Fire arrows that knock back enemies and can also phase through walls. Requires souls, adds +1 Soul Gathering. Cooldown = 1 second.
  • Totem of Regeneration – Creates a healing circle for all allies. Cooldown = 25 seconds.
  • Totem of Shielding – Creates a dome that causes enemy projectiles to bounce off. Cooldown = 20 seconds.
  • Wind Horn – Uses wind to push back enemies and slow them. Can also push blocks. Cooldown = 10 seconds.
  • Wonderful Wheat – Summon a llama to fight alongside you. Cooldown = 30 seconds.

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