Emeralds are one of the most important resources in Minecraft Dungeons. There’s various ways to earn them – opening chests, smashing pots, even from killing enemies – but it can be a slow process. Read on then, for a guide on how to farm Emeralds in Minecraft Dungeons.

Minecraft Dungeons screenshot

Emeralds are the currency of Minecraft Dungeons. They can be used to buy random armor, weapons or artifacts from traders at your camp. There’s also an option to spend them on upgrades from a wandering trader later in the game. You can add an Enhancement to some weapons to increase the drop rate when defeating enemies, and you can engage in longer stages to obtain more.

Minecraft Dungeons Farm Emeralds

However, one stage in particular is a haven for Emerald farmers: Creepy Crypt. In this stage there are various optional encounters which when activated will cause enemies to spawn. Upon killing all the enemies a chest will appear with a guaranteed item and Emerald payout.

Playing on harder difficulties will increase the quality of the loot. This will award players with more Emeralds when salvaging the unwanted items, as well as more Emeralds during the stage. In particular, the Adventure or Apocalypse modes will offer far more Emeralds. These are unlocked after defeating the Arch-Illager for the first time.

As stated above, there are weapon Enhancements that can improve the drop chance of Emeralds when killing enemies. If farming Emeralds is your only objective, be sure to acquire the Diamond Pickaxe and fully enhance the Prospector trait. There are various other weapons which also offer similar enhancements.

Minecraft Dungeons screenshot

There’s much more to Minecraft Dungeons than simply farming Emeralds, though. Be sure to check out Chit Hot’s other Minecraft Dungeon guides, including every weapon, armor and artifact, details on every Enchantment, how to obtain all artifacts and artifact powers, and the best Unique Weapons